Level Touch: A new smart lock to unlock your door

It’s 2020, and everything is slowly getting connected to the internet, you must’ve heard of IoT. Well, it’s time to move on from smart home speakers, refrigerators and lights. A new concept has been introduced, Level Touch – a smart lock

You heard that right. Your door locks are going to become smart locks. The Level is a startup that is providing you a device to turn your home smart. It’s a new company, but they are set to release a second product.

Level Touch is a new product of 2020. You should expect the same kind of engineering and designing of its predecessor – Level Bolt. However, there’s an addition to Level Touch that offers you – a complete replacement of the standard lock. You don’t have to use parts of the traditional lock.  

Touch Level

If you have a budget north of $300, this is a good lock for you. You can see a variety of designs available on their website. Although there are some similarities between Bolt and Touch, the latter uses a front side with keyhole and backside with Level.

With the mechanism of Touch, you can replace all the components locks of the door. You can use Bluetooth LE and touch to unlock the door. You need to touch to the front side of the lock to open the door automatically.

The main highlight of Touch is that you can see the elegance in the design of the lock. It blends easily with the door. It doesn’t look like a smart lock. It doesn’t have to insert the battery or motor inside the door to function. 

The entire electronic setup of Touch is embedded inside the lock. You don’t even see it. It appears precisely similar to standard deadbolts that are used across the US. The size is the same. Level claims that one screwdriver is enough to install this lock on your door. You don’t need to do drilling as it is needed, just a ten-minute job. 

The stainless steel body is used to make the lock. You can expect the highest standard of lock security from Touch, the company says. It works exactly like a standard door lock you currently use. There are NFC cards provided with Touch.

Just use the Level app on your phone to program access to these cards. You can also stop access to any particular card if it gets lost. You can expect more updates in the app to give additional features like a vacation mode that will allow Touch to optimize the battery usage when you are away for a long time.

It will also offer a feature that will automatically lock/unlock the door as you approach it, that means you are saved from efforts of even touching it. 

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