League of Legends 10.16 Update Complete Patch Notes

League of Legends10.16
League of Legends10.16

In one of my previous posts, I’d listed the complete patch schedule of League of Legends Season 10. As you can see the next League of Legends patch 10.16 update is due on Au 5 which is 1 week away from today.

Although Riot games have not yet mentioned the exact time when the servers will go down for the 3-hour long maintenance, looking at the release of previous patch update, I can surely say, it’ll begin around 05:00 UK for EUW servers, 03:00 AM PT for NA servers, and 03:00 CET for EUNE servers.

Next, I’ll tell you about the new champion Lillia that’ll be introduced in this new update.


Yone, the unforgotten is the champion that’ll be introduced in the upcoming League of Legends patch 10.16 update. I know you want to know more about her. That’s why I’m listing her major stats along with abilities and much more. So, continue reading to get updated on them –


  • Base HP: 550
  • HP regen per level: 0.15
  • HP per level: 90
  • Armor per level: 3
  • Base armor: 28
  • Mana per level: 50
  • Mana: 410
  • AD per level: 2.5
  • Base AD: 60
  • HP5: 7.5
  • MR per level: 1.25
  • Base MR: 32
  • Attack speed per level: 2.5
  • Attack range: 175
  • Base move speed: 345


  • Lilting Lullaby:
    • Max. Cooldown is 130 seconds
    • Mana cost is 50
    • A Dreamy Dust by Lillia causes all the enemy champions to become Drowsy for a maximum of 1.5 seconds. Later, they fall asleep for max. of 3 seconds.
    • After waking up by the damage, the enemy champions take additional magic damage of 200.
    • Over the duration of attacks, Drowsy units get slows down quite easily and later fall asleep.
    • After the attack, asleep units can’t act or move. Until or unless they’re attacked with non-periodic damage.
  • Watch Out! Eep!:
    • Cooldown is 14/13/12/11/10 seconds
    • Mana cost is 50
    • A huge strike by Lilla can deal with a maximum of 130. Further, if the enemy is in the center, they take the maximum damage of 390 instead. That’s 3 times the original damage.
    • Using her ability Lillia can never dash over terrain.
  • Blooming Blows:
    • Cooldown is 4 seconds
    • Mana cost is 45
    • Lillia’s passive skill hits grant move speed for 5 seconds, which results in stacking up to 5 times.
    • Lillia’s active skill helps in dealing with magic damage + true damage at the outer edge. All this she can do by whirling her censor.
  • Dream-Laden Bough:
    • Lilla uses her magical skills to apply Dream Dust which helps in dealing with 5% of health damage within 3 seconds.
    • Further, this Dream Dust helps in dealing with an X level of damage to jungle monsters.
  • Swirlseed:
    • Cooldown is 12 seconds
    • Mana cost is 70
    • An overhead swirlseed by tosses maximum magic damage to 150. After landing Swirlseed, it slows the opponent by max. of 45% for 3 seconds.
    • If by chance Swirlseed hits no enemies, its seeds continue to roll until or unless it hits back at an enemy or collides with the terrain.


Lillia’s skin that’s releasing in this update is Spirit Blossom Lillia.

Final Words

After looking at Lillia’s magic abilities, and stats, I feel it’s quite underwhelming. Stats have lower numbers as compared to other champions. I know not everyone can be as powerful as Yasuo.

But at least have her some tankiness, utility. Frankly speaking, I just don’t feel she has anything that makes her strong among other champions. If I’m wrong here, let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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