KOTOR Remake Can Fix The Original’s First Mistake

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – Remake should fix the original’s slow early-game pacing and allow players to explore the galaxy much faster.

The upcoming Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – Remake for PlayStation 5 and PC could fix an issue that’s immediately apparent when returning to the original: KOTOR‘s early stages are slowly paced and too restrictive. The remake could benefit from allowing players more freedom right off the bad.

The freedom to explore is a common feature in most modern games, no matter the genre. KOTOR embraces this to an extent, allowing players to explore the ancient Star Wars galaxy, but the early stages of its story railroad players down a lengthy introduction. Players begin aboard a Republic ship called the Endar Spire and make their way to Bastila Shan, a passenger on board who needs protection. Even after getting off the ship, players are greeted by yet another cold interior – an apartment building on Taris, a planet they’ll be stuck on for quite some time. With less-than-thrilling combat and a bland environments, players are in for a slow, boring introduction to a supposedly exciting adventure.

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The restrictions of Knights of the Old Republic’s opening chapters are not without cause; its tutorials and low enemy difficulty serve to introduce players to the game’s core mechanics. Unfortunately, this hand-holding delays exploration of the galaxy for far too long. Modern audiences’ urge to get out into the galaxy could spur them to blaze through KOTOR‘s story content, leading them to miss what makes the game special on account of an unconvincing first few hours. To fix this, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – Remake should abbreviate its introduction and allow players to explore more side missions earlier on.

Star Wars: KOTOR – Remake Should Encourage Distractions

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Instead of spending so much time introducing players to its combat mechanics, KOTOR – Remake should focus on other activities. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic’s side quests fill the galaxy with interesting characters, tell companions’ stories, advance romances, and contribute to light- and dark-side choices that impact the player character. These are what give the game its magic and immerse players in its galactic conflicts.

The Skywalker legacy overshadows many aspects of Star Wars, but Knights of the Old Republic allows players to explore a new era with fresh faces and new dangers. Hiding that behind a slow opening could fail to draw in modern players accustomed to more fast-paced games. While developer Aspyr Media should not abandon the core mechanics essential to the KOTOR experience, the remake will likely need to make quite a few changes for its plot to be approachable.

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – Remake will launch on PC and as a timed console exclusive for PS5 on an unspecified date.

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