Knightfall Season 3: Why Shifting From Its Original History Network?

"Death Is Never Your Choice To Make, Only God Decides Whether We Live Or Die."

Knightfall season 3

Knightfall Season 3, will it happen or not, I know you all are looking for the answer, in this we have covered everything we know so far about the Knightfall three, but to know the complete information make sure you read this article till the end.

Starting with this dialogue from this actiondrama.

“This World Only Respond To The Closed Fist. Not The Open Hand.”

Knightfall Season 3

Knightfall is a Historical Drama of American Series which is created by  Don Handfield and Richard Rayner. The series is dispatched from the History Network. The very first series was premiered on December 6, 2017.

The very first story starts in the Holy Land in which the Battle Of Acre is taking place. The fight happens between Brother Landry and Sultan of The Mamluks, a place in their locality. The drama is full of action-adventure and thrill, in short, it is a bucket full of excitement and fights.Knightfall season 3

The series has got mixed reviews from the critics. The very first season has about te episodes, after the last episode airs the creators talked about the renewal on the spot but it will take them a complete year to flash the second one again.

Similarly, the fans are waiting for season three, but this time maybe the creators are not happy with the third part, want to know more of it then continue reading.

Knightfall Season 3 Release Date

Knightfall season 2 was released on March 25, 2019, the fans are in a wait for the third installment from the past one year, but why the creators have said this.

“There Won’t Be A KnightFall Season Three.”

How rude, they just stated a clear statement, without giving any concrete reason to its fans. Maybe the creators are not interested in working on this again, don’t know why. This action drama is one of my favorites what about you?

The chances of the renewal are less, but I literally want this to happen again if we get any information regarding the third one, then we are going to update the relevant information in our article for you.

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What Will The Knightfall Season 3 Is About?

There won’t be Knightfall Season 3 again for its fans, creators have waved the third season. History has given two back to back Knightfall series, but what happened to them this time, why they are not looking for the third one?

They haven’t mentioned a concrete reason for the cancellation, maybe they are going out of ideas this time, or have completed the whole story in season 2.

We have mentioned a video, in which you will get some of the details about why Knightfall Season 3 canceled?

Star Cast And Crew Of Knightfall Season 3

There is no chance of the renewal yet confirmed by the officials, but a piece of news aired about the show that it will own by some another network instead of the History. If this happens then the filming will start and soon we get the release. Now you must be wondering about the cast, right? The cast will remain the same as the old one, maybe.

  • Sarah-Sofie Boussnina. Adelina.
  • Jim Carter. Pope Boniface VIII.
  • Bobby Schofield. Parsifal.
  • Padraic Delaney. Gawain.
  • Ed Stoppard. King Philip IV.
  • Simon Merrells. Tancrede.
  • Julian Ovenden. William de Nogaret.
  • Tom Cullen. Landry.

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knightfall season 3

Knightfall IMDb And Other Rating

Knightfall is in lively debates for its third installment, that it will happen or not. The chances of the renewal are very low, but why this happens?

Talking about the main criteria, that I think will be a reason also, is the audience reviews because, if any kind of entertainment media is produced, its main aim is to get loved by the audience, isn’t it. So, what are the ratings and the reviews of the Knightfall previous season? Have a look at them, for a wider angle.

Knightfall Ratings

  • IMDb-6.8/10

Knightfall 2 Ratings

  • Rotten Tomato-89%
  • Metacritic-7.2/10

Users Reviews On This

The show began very poorly. If I remember right the first 2-3 episodes were hard to watch. Poor performances by all the actors and it seemed like a very low budget production.
But since that, the show has made a huge leap forward and it is safe to say that in the second season now it is one of my favorite shows at the moment. Really give it a try up to the second season.”
It is However a very entertaining show loosely based on historical figures. Give it a whirl. I find it extremely entertaining and now that Mark Hamill has joined the cast I expect to be even more entertained.”
“So what that the series is historically inaccurate. It’s still entertaining to me. I loved Vikings and didn’t know squat about their history. The point being, the writing is not the best but the acting is good.
Put some quality writers with these actors, you’ll have a top-notch show. Knights Templar has always been a romantic story of men fighting for the good. So this woman looks at it from this angle.

Knightfall Dialogues


  • “A Fire Needs Wind To Spread.”
  • “Death Is Never Your Choice To Make, Only God Decides Whether We Live Or Die.”
  • “Any Man Who Dies Defending God’s Will Dies A Noble Death. Never Forget That.”
  • “You Can Not Undo Your Past, You Can Only Learn From It.”
  • “A True Measure Of A Man Are His Deeds Not His Words.”
  • “Sometimes The Object Of A Man’s Desire Is Beyond Reach.”
  • “For A Man Of Faith, Death Is Not The End. It’s Just A Passing.”
  • “Every Man Has Two Side. The Man He Wants To Be, And The Man He Really Is.”
  • “The Ones We Love The Most Are The Ones Most Likely To Betray Us.”
  • “You Needn’t Clutch The Blade To Bear Responsibility.”

Bottom Words

The above article is completely inspired by the actiondrama termed Knightfall. The fans love the Knightfall drama that’s why they are waiting for the third installment from a long run. But the creators have broken their heart by stating that there won’t be season 3 🙁

But maybe in future the season three will renews again, in the meantime, you can shift to the other alternate series, now you must be wondering how to find the good one? If, so then you can check our website that has all the latest, upcoming, and going web series.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-Where to watch Knightfall?

A-Knightfall has become a very popular drama, even it is available on Netflix to stream online but if you are not a Netflix user then you can also watch it on Amazon Prime Videos.

Q-Is season 2 of Knightfall, is the end of the story?

A-Maybe yes, because the creators have confirmed that there won’t be another season again maybe they are not happy with the Knightfall or they are working on some other media. But maybe in future the season three will happen.

Q-Why the Knightfall Season 3 canceled?

A-The creators have mentioned their clear statement about the cancellation of the third installment. But no solid reason is mentioned by the officials although a piece of news also spread that, the season will renew in the future but this time dispatched from a different distributor rather than from the History.

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