Knight Fight Review and Get the Latest Update on the Upcoming Season

Have you ever thought, what will you do if given a chance to time travel and enter a war to fight as a knight? How long will you survive in the battle? Everyone must have thought about it once in a lifetime, especially history lovers.

History TV came up with a show in 2019 based on the same concept, modern world fighters battling in the field with heavy armours and real weapons. Isn’t it fascinating?

Adam Vetri is the director of the reality show that premiered on History TV on 23rd January 2019.

Tim Busa, Richard “Mercury” Melendez, Steven Raff, and Louis Waxman are the producers of the Kight Fight.

Knight Fight has completed its single-season successfully with eight episodes that came to an end on 13th March 2019.

Fans are now waiting for a sequel now. You will get to know everything here.

What Is The Plotline Of The Reality Show Knight Fight?

Talking about the show, Knight Fight is currently the toughest and the most violent show with armours. People take part in the combat competition, in reality, creating the environment of the past. A world of full-contact Armored Combat League is created in the show, which is officially named Medieval MMA or Knight Fight Club. The real fighters of this modern world are presented with pounds of armour and given real steel weapons to fight. The armour is around eighty pounds, and the warriors shatter blood. It is a blood sport. All the traditions are history based in it.

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Warriors fight to reach the final battle named the ultimate Knight Fight. Six new fighters are introduced in every episode who wage war against each other to win the title in the end. New armours and weapons according to the period are presented as the program progresses. Various wars are played to determine the strengths and skills of each player. Each episode of the show targets a specific period.

A championship title is given to the winner along with $10,000. He is also given a spot in the finale so that he could become the first-ever Kight Fight champion.

The Release Date: When Will The Second Season Of The Show Be Aired On The History Channel?

Waiting for the second season, that is all we can do now. The makers have not announced the release date or the renewal of the show. So, we have to wait for the announcement or any hint by the History.

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The ratings of the show are good enough to be renewed. Knight Fight deserves a renewal. There are chances of the release of the second season by 2022 or 2023. However, we are not sure about it because of a lack of information. We will update you after getting any information as soon as possible.

What Is The Cast Of The Show Knight Fight?

  1. John Clements is the judge of the reality show, Knight Fights. He has pursued historical fencing studies and has practised European swordsmanship and historical fighting methods. He is the instructor of Medieval and Renaissance fighting methods. He has taught classes and seminars on the subject in 10 countries.
  2. Andre Sinou is another judge of the show who is an actor famous for working in American Knights and Return of Pennsic.
  3. William Jason Reso, also known as Jay Reso, is a former professional wrestler and an actor from Canada. He is famous for his time in WWE. He also acted in TV series like CAsino Cinema, Haven, and Murdoch Mysteries.
  4. Kevin D. Benton is a spectator on the show. He is an American actor who started his career as an actor in Florida. His acting skills got noted in the short film Misfits in 2015.
  5. Simon Rohrich is also a part of the show who is an actor famous for his acting in American Knights and Animal.
  6. Yasiris Alvarado is a watcher at the show. She has pursued a degree in Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre and Modern Languages and made a debut in Puerto Rico. David Cohen is also a spectator on the show. He has pursued a degree in Business Administration and has appeared in more than eighty shows.
  7. Carl Fisk is an actor and producer natively from Brooklyn. He has experience in stage acting and is an accomplished fight director too.
  8. Josh Kearney is an actor and a writer famous for Dark Awakening, Swords of Insurgency, and Drakul.
  9. Juan G. Sanchez is a spectator at the show, famous for his role in The Driver as Gabriel.
  10. John P. Coulter is a retired truck driver. He is a brand ambassador of Maestro’s Classic and also a stand-up comedian in Philadelphia. He is also an actor, a model, and is also registered with backstage casting.
  11. Christine D. Price is an actress famous for Secret Within the Sphere, Dust Nuggets, and We Five.

What Are The Ratings Of The Show Knight Fight?

The show has received positive reviews from the audience and critics as well. The audience score of the show is 100%, based on 43 user ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

Knight Fight has a rating of 7.1 out of 10 on IMDb.

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Where Can We Watch The Show Knight Fight?

While searching for the platforms to watch Knight Fight, you will find many websites. Here are some of the platforms. You might be familiar with some of them.

The show got released on the History channel. You can have a look at it there.

The most famous one is Amazon Prime. You can buy the episodes or can subscribe through various plans.

Next in the line are Vudu, iTunes, and Google Play. You can access the content from all of them but after spending money.


The first season received appreciation from everyone. Fans are waiting for Knight Fight Season 2. The announcement of the show has not been made yet.

Until its release, keep enjoying the battle between the Knights of the previous season.

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