What Will Happen to Kipo and the Age of Wonder Beasts Season 4?

Kipo and the Age of Wonder Beasts Season 4

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Let’s take a look at the Animated Television series (Kipo and the Age of Wonders Beasts). 

Who doesn’t face conflicts? There are issues, misunderstandings and misconceptions of the things said and done! But they might extend to some level that they can cause a war.

The series, Kipo and the Age of Wonder Beasts is an animated show whose main plot line is about two groups who have a huge conflict in between them. But it was recently seen that their latest eason was the last one! Is that true? Will there not be Kipo and the Age of Wonder beast’s 4th season?

Scroll down to check out whether there will be a 4th season of “(Kipo and the Age of Wonders Beasts)“.

  • Kipo and the Age of Wonders Beasts is an animated television series.
  • Created by Radford Sechrist and developed by Bill Wolkoff, adapted from Rad’s 2015 webcomic Kipo
  • The series is produced by American company DreamWorks Animation Television and animated by South Korean studio Mir.
  • The young adult animated series follows a girl named Kipo Oak, who is searching for her father after being forced to flee from her burrow, and must explore the post-apocalyptic surface world ruled by mutated animals to find him.
  • Along the way she befriends human survivors Wolf and Benson, and the mutant animals Dave and Mandu.
  • The series has been critically acclaimed for its design, characterization, music, world-building, voice acting, and diversity.
  • The series is particularly notable for its representation of LGBT and characters of color.
  • The show’s three seasons, each ten episodes long, were released in 2020. 
  • Season 1 was released on January 14,season 2 on June 12, and season 3 on October 12.

Kipo and the Age of Wonders Beasts Season 3 Is the End

Kipo and the Age of Wonder Beasts Season 4

Unfortunately, Kipo and Ages of Wonder Beasts season 3 were the end of the series. It was the last season of the show. But the end of the story was very clear. It made it clear that the story was over. Three seasons is usually what Netflix does on their programs. It is possible that Kipo was only ordered for the first three seasons. Kipo season 3 wraps up the series in a satisfying way, and that would show that the creators knew they only had three seasons to tell their story. So, it was understood that they suddenly ended the show, but the creators hoped they would have more seasons and give a better story and finish it. However, unfortunately Netflix did not agree with it!

Can Kipo and the Age of Wonder Beasts Season 4 Happen? Is There a Possibility?

Kipo and Age of Wonders Beasts season 4 will not happen! Absolutely impossible but not necessary, too. The end of the Kipo 3 era solves the war between Kipo and Dr. Emilia. It is the complete end of the story and, more important, it finally unites people with peace. The splitting of the two main groups was a major issue with the release of the show that was resolved at the end of the show. In the last episode, the characters and travelers are portrayed as sitting together face to face.

Kipo season 4 will need a new concept and story structure to start as the old story had its end! It can be found as a great naming given how the end is now.

 With that said, Kipo’s creator, Radford Sechrist, said they could continue the story in the movies but there would be no season 4 now. So while it may not be on Netflix’s plans or DreamWorks Animation to follow Kipo season 3 with a movie, the creator of K Just the Kipo wished for it. The concept originally started as a webcomic, after all, so future Kipo stories could not be told in any other way.

Kipo and the Age of Wonder Beasts Season 4

Plotline of the Series, Kipo and the Age of Wonder Beasts

For all those who have not seen the show or know about it there is a gist of the show below.

After spending her entire life in an underground burrow, a young girl named Kipo. Kipo is the main protagonist of the show, who is a part of an adventure on the surface of the post-apocalyptic Earth. She joins the ragtag group of survivors as they move to an amazing journey through a beautiful and vibrant wonderland where everything who is trying to kill them looks cute and adorable but doesn’t act like it.

Expected Cast & Crew Members of Kipo and the Age of Wonder Beasts Season 4

Some unexpected characters might also join the 4th season of the series.

  • Karen Fukuhara as Kipo Oak 
  • Sydney Mikayla as Wolf
  • Coy Stewart (Benson Mekler), 
  • Sterling K. Brown as Lio Oak, 
  • Deon Cole as Dave, 
  • Dan Stevens as Hugo 
  • “Charlemagne” Oak
  • Jee Young Han as Song Oak, 
  • Amy Landecker as Dr. Emilia and 
  • Dee Bradley Baker (Mandu).

If the Season 4 of Kipo and the Age of Wonder Beasts Arrives, What Are the Expected Dates?

Kipo and the Age of Wonder Beasts Season 4

Episode Number Netflix Release Date Episode Name
4X01 October 10th, 2022 Episode 1
4X02 October 10th, 2022 Episode 2
4X03 October 10th, 2022 Episode 3
4X04 October 10th, 2022 Episode 4
4X05 October 10th, 2022 Episode 5
4X06 October 10th, 2022 Episode 6
4X07 October 10th, 2022 Episode 7
4X08 October 10th, 2022 Episode 8
4X09 October 10th, 2022 Episode 9
4X10 October 10th, 2022 Episode 10

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