Killing Kittens: British Sex Party Startup’s Founder Defends Government’s Investment

Killing Kittens Founder Emma Sayle

Have you heard of a British sex party startup Killing Kittens? Well, it’s recently making it to the headlines not due to the nature of its business. Rather the investor it has availed – The British Government. The British Government has announced that it will be investing £170,000 in Killing Kittens.

The founder of an adult startup, Emma Sayle, claims the company to be focused around sexually liberating women, men and couples. The British sex party startup has received a loan from the UK government amidst this pandemic. 

The woman-led sex startup has been quite popular in the social circles of London and New York. The company organized masked sex parties in the cities. 

Killing Kittens: How it Received Funding?

Emma Sayle founded killing Kittens in 2005 in London. The company has organized sex parties in London and New York. It has a customer base of 180,000 members. The parties are held in unique places which are exclusive to members only.

During the pandemic lockdowns, the company witnessed a massive increase of 330% in its traffic. The company right now operates in 12 countries with the expectation to launch in more. The company is one of the fastest-growing adult social media platforms as per Sayle.

The pandemic has forced the firm to move the business online. The UK Government in May 2020, announced a fund for helping the startups from the UK. The fund is called the Future Fund. It is aimed at improving the companies survive this pandemic crisis.

The Future Fund invests £170,000 to £5 Million in the startups. So far the fund has funded over 800 companies from Britain. The amount invested under this scheme totals around £513 Million($664.9M).  

Killing Kittens has received an investment worth £170,000 from the Government. The company has already conducted a crowdfunding round on Seedrs, and it got £170,000 on the platform. The exact amount was loaned to it by the Future Fund. 

Killing Kittens’ Future Plans After Investment From Future Fund

Emma Sayle says that they are planning to break into the sextech industry. The sextech sector caters to customers by providing products and services around sexual pleasure.

They are planning to utilize the funds loaned by the UK government on Killing Kittens’ product development and marketing of a dating app. The said app will be a cross between Facebook and Bumble. 

Sayle says they have to compete against players like Bumble and If all goes as planned, they will create a digital marketing platform for sex toys and lingerie. The scope for sex tech companies is excellent in the future. 

As per CES, a major tech trade show says that roughly over ten startups have participated in their event organized at Las Vegas in January. Killing Kittens is valued at around £11M.

Emma Sayle Hits Back on Labour MP Sarah Chapman

Sarah Chapman, a Labour MP and former minister for Women’s Rights and Equalities, has criticized the move of the UK government. She has asked Rishi Sunak, Chancellor to “stop the funding to the company”. 

Now Emma Sayle has defended the Government’s investment in her startup and hit back at Sarah. She’s said that she didn’t expect someone working for women’s issues to question the Funding.

Final Words

Killing Kittens is growing and capturing the market at an excellent pace, as per Emma Sayle. The British Government has invested in many companies that will help catering to customers and provide employment to the people. 

What are your thoughts on the UK’s Future Fund? What startups do you think should be in their portfolio? Drop the names in comments. Follow Mangum Star for more updates. 

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