Kanye West’s Wisconsin Ballot Application Rejected due to Delay

Kanye West
Source: NBC News

Kanye West, a famous American rapper, surprised everyone by declaring his intention to run for Presidential Elections of 2020. West was planning to contest from Wisconsin, but the Election Commission of Wisconsin has crushed his hopes. The board says that Mr. West can’t fight from Wisconsin because he submitted his application quite late.

The commission ruled out West’s application on a vote of 5-1, he was planning to get on the Wisconsin ballot as an independent nominee. Still, due to delay in applying was rejected.

Speculators think that West would not win the electoral votes of 270 required to win the presidential elections, not even if he had gotten a ballot slot in Wisconsin.

The commission members of Wisconsin decided that West was too late to file the signatures. The meeting on the matter took over two-and-a-half hours to arrive on the verdict. It’s not officially announced from the West regarding the appeal to the judgment. 

West previously attempted to get on the ballot from Montana, but his application was rejected. Wisconsin was his best option to get on the presidential elections. He’s been receiving excellent support from GOP operatives. 

A famous election lawyer Lane Ruhland is known to have delivered Kanye West’s application before the board. He’s the same person who’s advising Wisconsin’s Republican Party on election affairs. He is representing Trump in a lawsuit against NBC.

West is receiving support from Republicans from Arkansas, Colorado, and Missouri. He’s a registered Republican from Wyoming. 

West has openly supported and praised President Donald Trump on various occasions and even met him at White House in 2018. The sources say he met with Jared Kushner, a senior White House advisor and son-in-law of the President in Colorado.

The announcement of West’s bid for White House has provoked many Democrats, who think that it’s Republican strategy to divert Black votes from Biden to their clout. Now the question is, how successful is West going to be in this. West has lost his chance from Montana and Wisconsin, now what will he do



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