New Siege Collegiate Esports League: Joining Process & Prize Pool

Collegiate Esports League
Collegiate Esports League

Are you a Collegiate? If you’re, then you’ve got a chance.

A chance to represent your college or university.

Today in a brief announcement, Ubisoft initiated their Collegiate Esports Program.

As expected, this program will roll out exclusively for their flagship esports title – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

Collegiate Esports League Partners and Sponsor

Ubisoft has partnered with FACEIT to organize the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Collegiate Esports League.

In this partnership, FACIT will primarily organize the Esports League. In case you don’t know, FACEIT is one of the leading platforms in competitive online gaming.

Also, Corsair’s subsidiary company, Origin PC has acquired a premium sponsorship in the Collegiate Esports League.

Ubisoft Official Statement

In the official statement, Ubisoft has shed some light. Rainbow Six Siege collegiate program features an online platform that allows colleges or university clubs to register themselves.

And to complete the registration process, every club must meet pre-defined eligibility criteria.

After the registration process is done & dusted, as a participant, you’ll get access to local and cross-continental programs.

To register as a club for this upcoming tournament, make sure all the team members are full-time members of the same attending school. After successfully completing the registration process, you’ll have access to a lot of things like hosting live events/viewing parties, hosting intramural matches, club, and team management, requesting prizes, and last but not the least is to managing matches and results.

Collegiate Esports League Joining and Prize Pool

If you think you’re a good Six Siege player and can beat other teams to become the champion, then now’s the time for you to register yourself. The program is already live for the students of the US & Canada.

Don’t think too much about your skill level and register yourself for the Collegiate Program before it’s too late. Besides, the supports players of all the skill levels. So, that means anyone can participate in it.

Now, coming to the tournament, it’ll be divided into 2 seasons/year. The 1st season will go on for 6 weeks and then after some in-between breaks, you’ll enter into the slightly longer final season. As compared to the 1st season, the second will have an additional playtime of 2 weeks.

Keep in mind that the National Champion will be on the stake during the event of 2nd season. Here, the combined prize money from Ubisoft and Rainbow Six sums up to the prize money of $30,000.

Thanks to this collegiate program, any student can get involved in the game and try their best to win the handsome prize money of $30,000.

Final Words

From the past few years, the collegiate esports programs have grown to a new level. Steadily but more prominently. Now, the announcement to this new Rainbow Six Siege Collegiate Program once again highlights the ever-growing popularity of collegiate esports. Just like Ubisoft and Rainbow six siege, many more new gaming companies are coming to create new esports tournaments for students.

Looking at the fast growth of the esports industry, I’m not expecting the growing popularity of collegiate programs to stop anytime soon. Well, that’s what I think. What about you? Do let me know your thoughts on this via the comments section given below.

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