Johnson & Johnson Makes a $1 Billion Deal With Government

Johnson & Johnson deal
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A billion dollar deal is in the talks with the US government and Johnson & Johnson for a potential vaccine for COVID-19. The administration has revealed that the deal will be around $1B for producing the vaccine.

Under this deal, Johnson & Johnson has promised to manufacture 100 million doses. The doses produced will be handed over to the federal government. 

The Trump administration has  made several deals with many companies to produce potential vaccines for coronavirus. There is a medical program under development called Operation Warp Speed.

It is supposedly going to help the researchers to test potential vaccines on many volunteers, it should help them to test the effectiveness and safety of the medicine through trials. 

The plan also involves manufacturing the doses even before the results are observed to speed up the whole operation. Currently, Phase One trials are undergoing, conducted by Johnson & Johnson.

The vaccine by them is considered to be an advanced one. Whereas other corporations like Moderna, AstraZeneca and Pfizer are already way ahead of Johnson & Johnson, conducting Phase Three trials on the candidates. 

Alex Azar, Secretary of Health and Human Services, believes that by 2021, the United States will have one effective vaccine for COVID-19. The plan is to produce doses worth $1B by the year 2021, proven its effectiveness. 

Paul Stoffels, Chief Science Officer, has revealed that they are speeding up the trials and manufacturing across the US to produce an effective COVID-19 vaccine.

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