John Cena Opens up on Making Nikki Bella Sign an Agreement

Image Source : Nicole's Instagram

WWE Superstar John Cena was on the Today Show a few days ago and he confessed that he had made his partner Nikki Bella signed an Agreement before moving in.

When the host asked who asked first to move in with, Cena said “I asked Nicole to move in with me simply because we both were living busy lives and I wanted to show her that i was ready to be more serious now when i look at what i had done then as to what i would do now I just wish i had asked her to marry me then”

He also said “I guess I wasn’t but I was ready for her to live in the space that I would call mine and share everything and do all that and that didn’t start out like that I was very abrasive and Stern and she had to sign this huge crazy agreement come in the front door and have to sign”

Cena added that he asked Nikki to sign a prenup agreement and also added by saying “It was some sort of thing I would be protected in case of a disaster”

Nikki Signed the agreement without any question and it made him feel super bad about it. It also made Cena realize like that was very early on our relationship it made me realize like this is one young woman I should not let get out of my life because when she says I’m with you because I love you here’s proof.

I would still like to be here that’s like life is difficult and you try to just figure it out like everybody else so I’m trying to go through these paces and I do have a team of people guiding me and i try to go by protocol. It was the biggest thing for me” Cena added

Talking about Nicole Cena said “She is an independent woman and she has made her own money yeah she is proud of that and she like stands for that and I don’t think in any way shape or form”

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