JBL Go 3 Review: Here Is All They You Will Ever Need To Know!

The sound of JBL’s newest soap-sized speaker is good, but the quality.

And battery life isn’t up to par with today’s class leaders.

Holistic Review!

The name of JBL’s most popular and portable speaker is meant to inspire action

– To ‘Go’ out and seek adventure.

However, one look at the current version, the JBL Go 3, makes us want to take a shower;

It looks exactly like soap on a rope.

As you can see in the image above, our red sample (the Go 3 comes in eight colourways) is more of a red.

And blush combination, with a pinkish tinge to the chord loop, rubberized accents, and logo.

JBL Go 3

While its proportions and resemblance to a bar of soap position it securely in Go territory.

The Go 3 is certainly an improvement over its Go 2 predecessor in terms of design.

What About Build Quality?

As a result, the metal grille has been encased in fabric.

It’s still a little speaker, but it’s over 1cm thicker, 30g heavier, and has a more rounded feel to it.

When looking at the branding, it now includes a chord loop on the left side.

Which is a beneficial addition even though it cannot stretch or detach.

Underneath that is the USB-C charging port, which now has IP67 dust.

And water ingress protection without the need for a cover.

Three delightfully tactile play/pause and volume buttons run across the top curve of the item.

While a circular power button, a Bluetooth connecting button, and an LED light are located on the right side.

The LED light that used to shine out from the grille of the Go 2 to indicate that it was turned on is no longer there.

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What About More Features?

New rubber reinforcing panels have been added to the bottom panel and the underside of the device.

Allowing you to lay it flat or stand it in portrait or landscape mode.

The Go 3 lacks the 3.5mm connection for wired listening and the mic for speakerphone duty featured on the Go 2.

But in such a compact and portable form, we don’t miss them.

The finish on the Go 3’s new cloth jacket is our only significant complaint.

JBL Go 3

It’s a common approach in low-cost Bluetooth devices.

But it has frayed somewhat in many places where it connects the rounded corners of our sample’s rubber panels.

It still seems tough and sturdy but given the previous iteration’s strength

– And JBL’s long history of strong designs – it’s a touch disappointing.


Because there is no app support, you can’t daisy-chain PartyBoost speakers with other JBL speakers.

And you can’t pair two Go 3s in mono or stereo mode.

At this price, it’s understandable to anticipate such features, but the Tribit Storm box Micro, for example, can form a mono or stereo pair.

And that five-star model also has a microphone and eight hours of playback on a single battery.

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What About Sound Quality?

Mind you, we’re happy to see some sound enhancements.

We play The Waterboys’ The Whole Of The Moon on Apple Music from our iPhone.

And we can notice right away that the upgrade has improved the sound quality.

The extra power and overhauled design could be attributed to the more integrated, rounded, balanced sound over the JBL Go 2.

JBL hasn’t revealed any information about the driver under the hood, but it’s entirely possible that the extra power.

And overhauled design can be attributed to the more integrated, rounded, balanced sound over the JBL Go 2.

Mike Scott’s vocal is prominent, although not as prominent as it was in the second-generation model.

In direct comparison, the upright bass parts are also more substantial and forceful.

The new Go 3 will also provide more volume.

JBL Go 3

It will easily fill your living room or kitchen if you turn it up to near maximum volume.

The Streets’ Has It Come To This is played next.

And the JBL Go 3 proves to be more musically agreeable listen because of the smoother upper frequencies.

And a balance that allows sonic nuances in the mids to shine.

The track’s keys sparkle, but they’re supported by a fast dance beat in the low end that never overpowers the melody or comes across as bloated.

What About The Final Verdict?

We enjoy the revised JBL Go 3, but we say ‘like’ rather than ‘love,’ since the Go 2 was released in 2019.

A relatively unknown firm named Tribit has released a five-star Bluetooth belter called the Storm box Micro for a little more money.

And it has changed the game at this price point.

If you don’t mind a five-hour battery life.

And a long charge time, don’t need a microphone for speakerphone.

AndIf ande willing to ignore some minor build quality issues, the JBL Go 3 sounds musically attractive.

And surprisingly loud for the price.

While there are a few too many ‘ifs’ for a five-star rating – even at this price point – like like it.

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