Japan : American Arrested after Woman’s severed head found in briefcase

JAPAN : A US tourist was arrested in Japan after authorities found the dismembered body parts of a lost girl in places in two cities.The head of the girl, who hasn’t yet been identified, was discovered in a bag in an area in Osaka that was leased by the American.

The man, identified in local press reports as Yevginy Vasilievich Bayraktar, 26, from New York, allegedly admitted he’d abandoned the woman’s body. The girl, identified in media reports as a 27-year-old office employee from Sanda City, is thought to have met the killer on a dating website.

She allegedly told friends she was going to meet an American tourist she’d met on the internet and was last seen when she left work on 15 February. CCTV footage showed the girl and a man, believed to be Bayraktar, meeting in Osaka at about midnight on that day and entering a flat together.

TV channel Kansai Telecasting reported that independent footage revealed the man leaving the building several times between 16 and 18 February allegedly carrying a large purse.Police said they searched the places after being given advice by the suspect. An examination of the body parts is being carried out to identify the victim.


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