James Shows Off Rare Messy Hair & Fans Love It

Bachelor In Paradise star James Bonsall usually sports slicked-back hair, but friends and fans are praising his recent messy-haired selfie.

There’s never a hair out of place on Bachelor In Paradise star James Bonsall’s pristinely-styled head, but he recently shared a rare photo of himself sporting a messy, just-woke-up look. Bachelor Nation was eager to see James grace their TV screens once again. Though he made quite the unforgettable entrance as “box guy” on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette, he didn’t form a strong connection with her. As James continues to search for his person on the beach, many of his Instagram followers are willing to be that lucky lady, especially after his latest post.

James, a 31-year-old currently living in La Jolla, California, was eliminated by Katie in week 5. However, his time spent on The Bachelorette was anything but a waste of time. He formed a tight friendship with fellow contestant Aaron Clancy, both of whom are now trying to find love on Bachelor In Paradise. While James thought he was forming a bond with Victoria Paul from Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, she couldn’t even remember his first name and was thought to have a boyfriend back home. Ever since, James has been laying low as the drama surrounding Brendan Morais, Pieper James, Chris Conran, and Alana Milne plays out.

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But on Instagram, all eyes on are James as he shows off his blonde locks in a never-before-seen messy style. James posted a selfie from his car with the caption, “‘James, why don’t you ever wear your hair messy?’ …….. This…. This is why….” He tagged his location as “Birds Nest.” It’s clear James isn’t fond of how he looks without his signature gelled-back ‘do, but his friends and followers beg to differ. On his Instagram Story, Aaron took a poll to see what people think of James “w/out the slick back.” Eighty-seven percent of respondents said he looks better. Andrew Spencer said, “If Brendan [Quinn] and James made a baby.” Fan feedback included compliments such as, “Still a 10/10 change my mind,” and, “You could punch me in the face and I’d say thank you.”

Many fans are dumbstruck at the fact that James is still single and that the women on Bachelor In Paradise didn’t flock to talk to him on the first day. They feel he’s the total package. It’s possible that he simply hasn’t found what he’s looking for on the show just yet. According to his official ABC biography, James “loves women who have goals of their own, and spontaneity along with a bit of mystery.” There was certainly some mystery surrounding Victoria and her love life back home, but this isn’t what James meant. After Victoria went home, James gave a rose to Demi Burnett, but as she continues to go after Kenny Braasch, there’s no romantic connection there.

It seems that James is on Bachelor In Paradise with truly pure intentions – to find a good woman and, in the meantime, hang out with some of his best friends. With new arrivals walking down the stairs every week, it’s possible James will leave the beach smitten with somebody. But even if he’s unlucky in love on the franchise once again, he currently appears to be living his best life. He’s hitting the gym, attending Splash House and other summer events with his buddies, and receiving all of the compliments from his adoring social media following.

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Bachelor In Paradise airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: James Bonsall/Instagram

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