IT Chapter 3: Possibilities and Speculations Of Third Installment

IT Chapter 3 Possibilities

It is impossible for the entertainment industry to stop producing shows just like how it is impossible for us to not brief our readers with the latest news on their favorite shows. Welcome back reader! It is always a pleasure to see you again. Today we will talk about ‘IT’ chapter 3.

The series of movie that is based on a book also named ‘IT’ written by Stephen King in 1986. As you already know the genre of the film, get ready for some spooky updates on this spooky movie.

IT Chapter 3: Release

Although, according to the makers, chapter 2 was supposed to be the last chapter of the movie, there is a huge discussion going on for the release of chapter 3.

If you have watched both the previous chapters then you would know how the story ended. Chapter 2 actually seemed like the finale of the series that makes it quite difficult to create another story-line for chapter 3 which will have to be a follow up of the previous 2 chapters.

Also, the movie is based on a novel and the novel ended just where the chapter 2 of the movie has also ended. So, as of now we cannot guarantee you for another chapter of the movie but we will even not leave our readers dishearten, keep on reading to know how and why.

IT Chapter 3: Speculations & Possibility

Hearing it from Andy Muschietti, who directed both ‘IT’ films, he said in an interview that they left out a lot from the books while making chapter 1 &2 of the movie. Majorly, what they left was the mythical portion in the book.

Now they are considering to use it as mythology is vast and interesting which can give the whole story a new turnover and will also be worth watching. But there is still no official confirmation on the 3 rd chapter, just discussions.

Looking at the box office collections and the hype in audience for the series we hope that makers will consider all this plus the mythological part and will make 3 rd chapter with their own storyline that will connect with the previous two movies and will also have its own twist.

Looking at all of this, we can say that there are huge chances of chapter 3 being made super soon, sounds great right? All the ‘IT’ fans, what you have to do is just pray and hope that it does. Also, we don’t want our readers who haven’t watch the previous two ‘IT’ movies, to feel left out. So, here is the trailer of chapter 1 and chapter 2 respectively.

We know how to take care of our readers and how to keep them on track, now just go and watch the trailer and then watch the movie if you haven’t already.


Chapter 3 is almost coming for its fans and that is something to be happy about. We hope that the makers won’t make their fans wait more for the most awaited movie. Well, we surely don’t make our readers wait for the latest updates and for that we have to take a leave to come back to you with yet another interesting topic to talk upon. Until then stay tuned and stay safe.

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