Israel : Illegal African Migrants Leave or face Jail

ISRAEL : Israel asked Illegal African Migrants to leave the country, Israel would pay 3500$ and a free air ticket to their home countries before march. Those who are caught after the end of March will face jailtime if found.

Israeli Goverement said that they have sent around 20,000 Illegal migrants and their plan is to send the rest of them that are living illegally. There are 38,000 illegal migrants in Israel and around 1500 of them are living in detention centers.

Israel has granted asylum to some people who have applied in the past. Teklit Michael a 29-asylum seeker living in Tel Aviv, said in response to the Israeli plan that paying money to other governments to take in Africans was akin to “human trafficking and smuggling”. “We don’t know what is waiting for us (in Rwanda and Uganda),” he told Reuters by telephone. “They prefer now to stay in prison (in Israel) instead.”


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