Is Vicente Fernandez still alive? Twitter rumors debunked

Fans of Vicente Fernandez started to panic after posts and tweets suggesting that he had passed away went viral on Twitter. Several who are convinced that the actor is no more have been sharing their condolences. But, there’s more to these rumors. So, is Vincente still alive? 

More often than not, social media users come across such hearsay which makes us believe that a certain celebrity is dead. Similarly, today (September 10), a large number of people took to Twitter for assurance as news about the Mexican actor’s passing took the platform by storm.

Is Vicente Fernandez still alive?

For those of you who are confused as to whether the actor has passed away or is alive, worry no more because Vicente is very much alive.

Soon after rumors about his death started swirling on social media, the actor’s son Vincente Fdz Jr. shared a video to deny the speculations. 

In the video, he’s noted that his father who is hospitalized is alive and brushed off the news regarding his alleged death as only a rumor. He also revealed that his father was currently at the Hospital Country 2000 in Guadalajara. 

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While several fans were more than relieved to know that the iconic actor was alright, the rest were simply agitated by those who started these wild rumors. 

What happened to the Mexican actor?

The 81-year-old retired Mexican actor is placed in the ICU as he recovers from an injury caused by a fall at his ranch. 

Surgery was conducted on him, which reportedly left him in a critical condition. According to AZ Central’s report, the accident has affected the mobility in his limbs and also had an impact on his respiratory health. 

Neurosurgeon Francisco López who is treating the actor said in a statement, “He is currently under treatment. We are waiting a response in the recovery of mobility and respiratory effort. At this moment, Mr. Vicente Fernández is stable, awake, with analgesia and sedation and receiving rehabilitation therapy.”

Twitter reacts to the confusion 

While the majority of the fans were heartbroken after hearing rumors about the actor’s death, the others who soon realized the nature of the news were glad that Vicente was still alive. 

One confused fan tweeted, “Is Vicente Fernandez dead OR QUE

Another wrote, “NO. NOPE. Please do not joke about King Vicente Fernandez being dead. Y’all out here trying to give me, my mother and grandmother heart attacks.”

One wrote, “Bro, Vicente Fernandez ain’t dead. Stop playing.”

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