Is Mina From Good Bones Pregnant Again? All About Her Personal Life

Is mina from good bones pregnant again? For a couple of days, this question has been creating its space. All the fans of Good Bones who want to know everything related to their favorite celebrities search for some curious questions. And this article would surely serve them as the best option. Before we move further, first, let us discuss a little about her. Like who Mina is and many more amazing things about her.

Mina Starsiak Hawk is the co-founder and owner of her first-ever company, Two Chicks And A Hammer. After completing her graduation from Indiana University, she had no further plan for her career. And during that time, she thought of working as a waitress to pay her bills. As time started slipping from her hand, she thought of doing something bigger. And then, she decided to buy a house for $37,500. And here comes the real game. She, along with the aid of her mother, had repaired and renovated that house. During that time, her mother, Karen E. Laine, was a defense attorney. While they were during all sorts of things to repair that house, these two have developed their interest in this field. They got introduced to their hidden skills. And guess then what? They started their company, “Two Chicks and a Hammer.”

is mina from good bones pregnant again

Mina and her mother

They were really fast! Very soon, their company flourished. They started getting orders. As she and her mom came closer to their happy seven years of partnership as the company co-owners, they got a surprising message over their Facebook account. It was from a talent scout at the production company High Noon Entertainment. But at first, they doubted it. And all this was because, at that time, they did not believe in their skills, they thought they were not that cool. So they did complete research over the internet as well as physically too. And then they find out that the development company was true. High Noon is the company behind some famous shows. Such as House Hunters, Fixer Upper, and Cake Boss.

is mina from good bones pregnant again

Good Bones poster

Facebook completed Mira’s every dream! From career to her soul mate!

As mentioned, Mina got the biggest opportunity of her life through Facebook. Similarly, she found the life of her life, her soul mate, over this platform only. So we can say that Facebook had played the role of the fairy godmother in the life of Mina Starsiak Hawk. They got to know each other through their mutual friends. Interestingly, their first date wasn’t that good as anyone might have expected. In one of her interviews, Mina told the media personalities that on their first date, her future husband had ignored her all night. But Mina gave her one more chance. She texted him that she was providing him with the last chance, if he wanted, then he could grab the opportunity. And fortunately, they both took a step forward in their relationship and got hooked up. Finally, in the June of 2016, the marriage bells ringed and they read the marriage vows together. And forever, Mira became the partner of Steve Hawk. Future blessed them with two beautiful children.

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is mina from good bones pregnant again

Mira and her husband

Is Mina From Good Bones Pregnant Again?

The couple was first blessed with a baby boy in the August of 2018. They named him Jack Richard Hawk. After this, the couple was again lucky to have another kid in the September of 2020. This time it was a baby girl. They named her Charlotte Drew Hawk.

When it comes to parenting,  Mina Starsiak Hawk and Steve Hawk have always stood over expectations. The dua was always open to anything related to Mina’s pregnancy. The second time when she became a mother, she had to go through a lot of problems. All this happened because Mina was struggling with her secondary infertility in 2019. She was always open about this on her social media accounts. The doctors had even raised their hands. They told Mina that she has less than a 1% chance of conceiving a second child. And after several rounds of IVF, the news was not a good one. But God has his plans. And by his grace, Mina Starsiak Hawk was able to get pregnant with a sweet baby girl whose nickname is Charlie. She announced this miracle in one of the episodes of Good Bones, which went very emotionally.

is mina from good bones pregnant again

Mira’s husband with their kids

Following the difficulties the couple has faced, especially Mina, they had decided to stop the court of their children with Charlie. In an Instagram question and answer session, a fan asked her that is Charlotte her last baby? To which she simply said that “Yep.”

Later, she also revealed that she would be getting her tummy tucked and her husband Steve Hawk would be undergoing a vasectomy. And so, there can be no expectation for their next child. Thus, the rumor of her pregnancy is fake. Mina from good bones is not pregnant again!

is mina from good bones pregnant again

Mira, when her son was born.

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