Is Jo Koy gay? Comedian’s personal life explored amid dating rumors

Fans may be shipping Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler, but the comedian sure knows how to steer away from questions about the rumors. 

During a chat with TMZ Live, Jo played safe when asked if he’s dating Chelsea after being spotted together. And now, some are wondering if he’s gay, owing to certain comments made by Chelsea herself. 

Jo was recently at the Dodger Stadium, where he was called to throw the first pitch. Accompanying him was the television host, Chelsea, who seemed quite comfortable with the comedian’s arms wrapped around her. 

So, is Jo Koy dating Chelsea or is he gay? Let us explain!

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Is Jo Koy gay?

Perhaps, one wouldn’t have doubts about Jo’s sexuality if not for Chelsea, who doesn’t waste any opportunity to pull his leg. 

Jo was the most-teased panelist on Chelsea Lately, as the host often made false claims about Jo being gay and would even tell him to come out of the closet. 

But, the comedian isn’t gay. It was Chelsea’s bogus claim and his relationship status that had many wondering if he in fact was a homosexual male. 

Although Jo isn’t gay, he doesn’t touch upon his relationship with Chelsea. However, he was previously married to Angie King, who is a singer. 

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Are Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler dating?

While the rumored couple had absolutely no issues hugging each other in the presence of thousands of people at the stadium, Jo said they are just “great friends” when asked if they were dating. 

However, according to the outlet, Jo wouldn’t stop showering Chelsea with compliments. He is said you have called her beautiful. The report states: “(Jo) came THIS close to buckling under pressure … but dude kept it together”

Well, it seems like we need to wait until the couple makes their relationship official should they be dating. 

Meanwhile, Chelsea has no regrets about living a single life and even told fans during a Q&A on Instagram that she has never been more confident. 

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Fans react to the rumored romance

Jo and Chelsea may or may not be dating but fans are desperate to see them together. After learning about what the comedian had to say in his latest spotting with Chelsea, fans were quick to comment on Twitter.

One asked, “Is Jo koy and Chelsea Handler dating???!!”

Another added, “Jo Koy & Chelsea Handler are a couple?! What?! Love it!”

Adding to the above comments, another user wrote, “Chelsea….are you dating Jo Koy? If so….love it!!”

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