Is It Worth Watching Little Things Season 3?


Little Things was that show that you ran over while thoughtlessly looking through Facebook, back in 2016. At that point, the show was made by Dice Media and spilling on the social networking site just as YouTube. It described the tale of a couple,

Dhruv Vats (Dhruv Sehgal) and Kavya Kulkarni (Mithila Palkar), who is in a live-in relationship. It had five short scenes and everyone was more relatable than the other.

Season 3 demonstrates Dhruv was right on the money with his evaluation. Dhruv and Kavya become significantly more relatable, without settling on the innovation of the treatment, in season 3.

Trailer of Little Things Season 3

The trailer showed a long-distance relationship would fill in as the bone of conflict in the third season.

This is set up in the primary scene of the new season. When it is far removed, the show really centres around not just the expanding influences of a long-distance relationship on both the partners, yet in addition the perpetually hanging sword over their relationship, of approaching marriage.

The Storyline of Little Things Season 3

Season two had finished with (Dhruv Sehgal) and Kavya (Mithila Palkar) having the trademark soul-exposing discussion, which we likewise found in season one. “Since I underestimate us“, concedes Kavya. In any case. The third season dives us straight into Bangalore, where Dhruv has taken up an examination position. “In this way, long-distance“, the two of them ask one another.

Long-distance Relationship


LITTLE THINGS season 3We see Dhruv attempting to get comfortable with this new scholarly world, and Kavya attempting to adapt to an existence without him. Missed calls, unanswered messages, and new Instagram posts — that is the new elements for the two. However, gradually the two of them get comfortable, and at last, another musicality of life is shaped.

Kavya makes new companions, and Dhruv also gets in a state of harmony with laid back perfect campus and spotlights on his examination. Only a half year, they said. Be that as it may, those a half year helps in the improvement curve of the leading characters than the past two seasons set up.

The appeal of Little Things, which they set up very well in the primary season, was that how advanced romance isn’t about the huge gestures yet is really about resisting the urge to panic even with day-by-day tricks.

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That how staying in bed for ten minutes will make you behind schedule for work, get you shouted at by your leader, and beginning an entire chain of unfortunate occasions, and yes the individual who will endure the worst part of this will be your accomplice.

Via season 2, with major financial investors, the size of the show got greater, the house got greater thus did the supporting cast. So did the problem of the said relationship. Season 3 takes it to a different level. It appears to be interesting that the two are connecting with the world on the loose.

We meet the families interestingly, and through them, we see another side of Dhruv and Kavya. Little Things comes at an engaging time, where everybody in the nation is discussing the adolescent, however, nobody is conversing with them. We haven’t had this story. We had Permanent Roommates on comparable lines, however, that was more silly entertainment stuff.

Settling in the New World

As the season moves along, we see Kavya battling with the distance while Dhruv is cheerfully changing into his new environment. As far as she might be concerned, the environmental factors are something very similar however everything is diverse on the grounds that her partner isn’t anywhere near.


Since they have been together for such a long time, she now needs to construct a daily existence outside of her relationship. A scene where she goes through her contacts attempting to discover individuals to converse with while returning to home base from an unusual day at work is something that we all have experienced.

Yet, the light of the fact that Dhruv is making some acceptable memories out in Bengaluru doesn’t imply that he has forgotten Kavya. At the point when his better half separates on the phone, he leaves a party with partners and puts forth a valiant effort to quiet her down.

Essentially, during one distressing night in Bengaluru when Dhruv is set to present his last report, he speaks harshly to Kavya. Yet, rather than contending with him further, she offers to simply remain on a video call without saying anything. Her help for his job never waivers through the show.

By the fourth scene, Kavya has figured out how to make a day to day existence outside her relationship for herself. She has discovered her group of individuals who fulfil her. Also, the equivalent can be said for Dhruv. Their significant distance was reaching an end, yet it seems like the couple is cheerful being separated.

Back to Hometowns

In this, the two head to the places where they grew up because of some family responsibilities. This prompts another advancement in the plot of the show where the couple learns a greater amount of the difficulty their families are going through.

For each one of those of us who are seeking jobs in various urban areas, two or three scenes will clearly make you exceptionally pining to go home. The show accurately depicts the feeling of narrow-mindedness and blame you feel when you return to your families after quite a while.

Meet Up Again


Be that as it may, by the 6th episode, Dhruv and Kavya at long last meet together however there isn’t any joy between the two. The two of them feel like the other has dropped out of adoration and are uncertain about their best course of action.


What’s more, both Dhruv and Kavya realize that being in Mumbai isn’t what they need. And yet, they would prefer not to abandon each other. In a snapshot of comfort between the two, an improvised choice made by Dhruv places the two of them in an extreme circumstance.

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Final Words

Most scenes of the show have been composed by Dhruv Sehgal himself. Discussing which, the show follows a tight plotline. Nonetheless, the dialogues appear to be inadequate in certain spots.

Lovleen Mishra and Navni Parihar’s depiction of Dhruv and Kavya’s particular moms is estimable. In any case, discussing acting hacks, we discovered Shikha Choudhary and Varun Tiwari who play Kavya’s partners Anmol and Akshay, to be exhausting.

Little Things Season 3 was directed by National Award Winner Ruchir Arun and it was released on Netflix on 9 November 2019.

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