Irish Women who came to India for depression treatment found dead, Two Arrested

Liga Skromane, a 33-year-old Latvian woman from Dublin, Ireland, had a history of depression and has gone to India with family members to be treated at a traditional medical center in India in February this year. The latest news confirms that Skromane was unfortunately killed and died in miserable conditions.

According to the Daily Mail report, Skromane suffered from depression and went to India with her family in February to receive treatment at a famous traditional therapy hospital. However, after she went to the beach a few weeks later, she disappeared mysteriously and her family immediately alerted his husband to find her. However, on the 21st of last month, Skromane had been killed and found her body in a wood.

The police released a detailed case today, saying that Skromane was drugged before her death. She was even sexually assaulted by two men. The culprit did not stop there. As Skromane rebelled, the gangsters directly plucked her. When the police discovered Skromane body, she was found to have been severed and her body was hanging upside down. At present, two criminals have been arrested. They are drug traffickers. One of them has a record of several sexual assaults.

This case once again shocked Indian society. The Indian government announced last month that criminals who sexually abused children under 12 would be sentenced to death.


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