Iran : 66 People dead in Air Crash

IRAN : The aseman airlines carrying 66 people on board has crashed in central iran this morning. According to the Iranian media reports the plane was carrying 66 people and was en route from Tehran to Yasuj.

The airline spokesperson retracted a statement saying that all 66 people are definitively dead.

The flight left tehran about 4:30 GMT and crashed an hour later in the city of Semlrom near Ifshan province.

The plane was carrying 60 passengers, and six crew members, the official said. They also said, they aren’t sure about the death toll due to the special circumstances at the site of the crash.

A man who missed the doomed flight told reporters of his mixed emotions. “God has been really kind to me but I am so sad from the bottom of my heart for all those dear ones who lost their lives,” the unnamed man told the Tabnak news agency, which showed a picture of his unused ticket.


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