IPL 2020 UAE: BCCI Urges to Govt For Approval

IPL 2020

A piece of great news for the cricket fans but the sad one too! Let’s start with the good one. IPL governing council chairman, Brijesh Patel urge the Indian government to allow shifting of IPL 2020 from India to UAE.

The good news is that if the Indian Government allowed the shifting of IPL in UAE, we will start enjoying cricket wars once again and the bad news is that matches are not going to be played in India. Now, IPL 2020 will be played in UAE and that’s too after the approval of the Indian Government.

Not only, but the Indian Premier League (IPL) council also requested the approval of shifting 2020 IPL from India to the United Arab Emirates. BCCI also requested on the same matter.

After this recent news, one more question arises “Are Indian players able to play 2-3 months long tournaments? And what if the tournament will be full of injuries?”

And We are asking this question because BCCI is having a broad plan to “accommodate” their biggest stakeholders. BCCI is all set to allow the following things: –

  1. An early start to evening matches, possibly slated to begin at 7:30 pm IST
  2. Providing early start to IPL by a week and beginning from 19th Sept 2020 instead of 26th Sept 2020.
  3. BCCI is looking forward to a three-match white ball series between India and South Africa in UAE before IPL.
  4. By Combining B & C.

However, The official letter to ECB (Emirates Cricket Board) is still pending and IPL’s governing council meeting is expected on 24th July in which this matter will be discussed deeply.

3 T20 Series with South Africa

Being an Indian fan, we always love to see the fight between India and SA. For BCCI and cricket experts, it will cut down the additional traveling of the Indian team.

Now, if we talk about the line up of cricket matches if allowed, here is the list:

  1. 3 T20 Series between India and South Africa in UAE (Expected)
  2. Ipl 2020 for around 2 months in UAE (After approval of Indian Govt
  3. & Then India vs Australia (The most demanding cricket tour of 2020) in Australia

Now, everything matters on the Indian government. Will Indian Government allow its players to play outside India due to the corona epidemic crisis all over the world?

And for the demanding tour, BCCI needs Indian players to be fit and relaxed, especially when BCCI president says he expects Virat Kohli to win in Australia.

“If BCCI gives a go-ahead to the series, it’s a win-win for the star. The only question is will the Board rush it’s players into a series so early after such a long break? Ideally, the team would have required a one-month camp to get back to full fitness, which was the earlier plan,” sources say.

Early Start to IPL Matches

An early start to matches will be allowed in IPL, possibly at 7:30 pm IST (6 pm, UAE time) and franchises are also not opposed to the idea either.

IPL 2020 Start Date Yet to be finalized

As commitments are made to Cricket Australia – the provisions are made between BCCI and Australian cricket board. might keep in front of star to consider it is “helpless” and cannot change the date of the IPL 2020 final – current date for which is November 8.

Also, if Star agrees the BCCI is convinced that advancing the start of IPL 2020 to 19th November is possible. “They want to avoid the 4 pm matches, right? So, this option is available to them, to advance the start by a week. They should take it.” Sources say.

The ball will be in the broadcaster’s court if the BCCI gives Star the choice to choose between the three-match white ball series vs SA or advancing the start of IPL by a week and

the decision making power will be with Star.

If star agrees or makes an official request for a week’s advancement then IPL 2020 can have 60 matches in 44 days.

What’s your opinion on this news?


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