India Celebrating its 74th Independence Day; Flag Hoisting Ceremony at Times Square

Independence Day at Times Square

India is celebrating its 74th independence day on August 15, 2020. The country was a colony of Britain for over a century. The country was first under the rule of British East India Company.

Later the control was passed on to the British Empire. They celebrate the day across the country with a massive enthusiasm from Indians. 

When everyone is already celebrating the independence day, why would Indians living abroad be left behind? That’s why American Indians and Indians living in the United States will celebrate this monumental day with enthusiasm on the American soil.

The Indian community is one of the most vibrant immigrant communities in the US. There are over two million of them living there. Some have become US citizens, but they have not abandoned their roots. 

When India is already celebrating Independence Day, Indians of New York have planned to celebrate the day by organizing a flag hoisting ceremony in Times Square, New York. The diaspora group will be hoisting the Indian flag on an iconic spot in NYC – Times Square. 

The Federation of Indian Associations(FIA) is organizing the event on August 15. The event also includes a Tri Colors Illumination on the Empire State Building in the evening. This day is indeed a proud moment for the diaspora in North America. 

Federation of Indian Associations has invited India’s Consul General, Mr. Randhir Jaiswal, as the Guest of Honour. The flag hoisting ceremony is scheduled at 9:30 AM on Saturday, August 15, 2020. The day is also marked as the golden jubilee of FIA, which was established in 1970. 

Independence Day, Times Square

Every year, Indians in New York organized a Manhattan Independence Day Parade. It includes various ethnic, regional groups from India wearing traditional dresses, beating the drums, and performing traditional dance forms. 

Various top US-politicians and affluent Indians participate in the parade to show the growing bond of friendship between the two different communities, and nations. However, this year’s ceremony has been canceled due to the pandemic.

Indians are requested to enjoy the virtual independence day by watching live-streamed flag hoisting from both Times Square and Red Fort, New Delhi. 

Since Indian time is almost ahead by nine and a half hours, the day will already be celebrated in India. You can watch PM Narendra Modi’s speech from Red Fort. Below is the video of the Indian celebration of Independence Day, watch it, and enjoy it.

Even though you may not watch the event in-person, you can watch the Livestream on the official YouTube page of FIA, or media partners’ social media handles mentioned on the FIA website

Since there are few hours left for the celebration at Times Square, we will be keeping you updated regularly. Make sure to stay tuned with us. 

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