How to Identify a Fake Online Store

Identify Fake Online Stores : Now a days there are so many online stores launching on the Internet. With the online shopping, it is easier to buy the goods we want without going to the store. However, not all the online stores are trustworthy. Some stores are made only to fraud people. Today we will tell you how to identify a fake online store.

4 Common Scam Modes You Should Know

1Incomplete Address and Identity

The first thing you should look to bust a fake online store is to see if they have an SSL Certificate enabled. Just see the URL of your site and see if it shows (https) with a green badge and shows the message (Secure) like the below picture.

Make sure to check if they have a Facebook Page and a contact Number listed on their website in case of fraud. Also, look at the comments on their Facebook page to see if customers are satisfied with the product.


Usually, the online shop fraudsters will put a low price on each product to attract customers that is much cheaper than the actual price. So, make sure you check the original price first on various sites and compare it.

3Slow response

Online Stores are Businesses, The business don’t want to lose a customer. They can go to great heights to have customer satisfaction. If the Online stores keep ignoring after seeing your messages on Facebook or Whatsapp then it is most likely a scam.

4Plagiarizing Images from Different Websites

Look at the images on the website, If they seem to be have different watermarks from other stores then it’s most likely a scam.

Make sure to check the URL of the website whether it is Indexed on Google or not.


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