Hunter x Hunter: 5 Fan-Favorite Characters of All-Time

Hunter x Hunter
Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is a story of a young boy Gon Freecss who embarks on a journey to become a hunter just like his father.

He’s the main character of Hunter x Hunter anime. Yeah, everyone knows. Apart from Gon, there are plenty of other characters who have formed their own fan base.

So, in this post, I’ll be listing 5 of the all-time fan-favorite Hunter x Hunter characters. If your favorite characters are not on this list then do let me know about it in the comments section given at the end of this post. Now, let’s get straight to the post –

5 Fan-Favorite Characters

Before going ahead, keep one thing in your mind. This list is solely based on Hunter x Hunter anime. So, don’t expect me to include any characters that are introduced in the Hunter x Hunter manga.

Leorio Paladiknight

With small brown eyes, black hair, Leorio is a tall, & handsome young man. Throughout the Hunter x Hunter anime, he’s portrayed as a badass character who has balls to punch Ging Freecs.

Ging freecs is the same guy who’s considered as the top 5 strongest nen users. I know you would say, he was allowed to punch because of Ging’s permission. But still, this was awesome.

Being fearless is not the only good quality he possesses. He’s a true friend who dearly cares for his friends. Furthermore, starting from episode 137 in Hunter x Hunter anime, he was considered as one of the top candidates to become the 13th Chairman of the Hunter Association.

I don’t know you. But for me, Leorio is nothing but incredible.


Kish is one such character I wished to see more in the Hunter x Hunter anime series. At present, reincarnated as a chimera and, Kish has one of the best nen ability – Crazy Slots. Although. we’ve seen 3 weapons out of all weapons he possesses. I hope we’ll see more of them in Hunter x Hunter season 7. In case you don’t know, the next season of Hunter x Hunter is due next year.

From the starting of the Chimera Ant arc, Kite acts as a mentor Killua and Gon and Killua. In his life, he had a lot of awesome chilling moments. However, his death at the hand of Pitou was one of the best moments in anime history. Once again, I hope to see more of Kite in the upcoming Hunter x Hunter season.

Chrollo Lucilfer

Popular as the coolest character in the Hunter x Hunter anime series, the leader of the Phantom, Chrollo Lucilfer is quite a fun character.

The more you know about him, the more you get curious about him. Whenever he comes up with the screen, I naturally get hyped up.

I know it’s strange but it is what it is. As compared to Meruem, he’s not that of a great villain. But in terms of a character in general, Chrollo is at the top leaving everyone behind.

He has got a cool design, unique nen abilities, an enigma. You name it. He has every ability to remain at the top of the food chain.


By the end of season 6, Hunter x Hunter had a total of 148 episodes and throughout the series, I’ve thought of Genthru as one of the most underrated villains. I believe that’s only because of other godly characters – Chrollo and Meruem.

As compared to other main characters, Genthru has simpler goals. He doesn’t want to end the world or conquer it. All he wants is to beat Greed Island with his friends. You can think of him as an asshole who will do everything in his power to beat the game that no one has ever thought of beating.

Even if that means shedding blood by killing others. In terms of his design, it reminds me of Vash from Trigun which is kinda cool. His nen ability involves blowing shit up which is again pretty cool.

In a gruesome fight with Gon, Genthru tasted the defeat. In return, he agreed to give him the “Angel’s Breath” under a stipulation. Gon had to heal his friend, Bara. This act by Genthru clearly showed his caring nature toward his friends. Genthru is indeed an underappreciated fan-favorite character who deserves everyone’s attention.

Shoot McMahon

Similar to Genthru, Shoot McMahon is another such character who doesn’t get attention as his partner Knuckle gets. Throughout the series of 6 seasons, he had fine developments.

But that was not enough. He started off as a dude who’s calm, collective & smart. However, soon, he’s revealed as a scaredy-cat who always chickens out when there’s a legit opportunity to strike.

This behavior of Shoot continued until the raid on the castle. After this incident, he saw Gon running up towards Youpi. And from that moment, he became completely confident. Shoot than fights off against Youpi.

Although, he didn’t win but seeing him lasting for a bit against powerful Youpi was awesome. In the entire Chimera Ant arc, Shoot is one of the most balanced characters. I hope we’ll get to see more of him in the upcoming seasons of Hunter x Hunter anime.

Final Words

These are the 5 fan-favorite Hunter x Hunter characters of all-time. If you haven’t seen the Hunter x Hunter anime then purchase a monthly Netflix subscription right away to binge-watch all 6 seasons and some of my favorite Netflix anime.

Apart from this, if I’ve missed any of your favorite Characters than do let me know your views in the comments section given below.

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