How many planes were hijacked on 9/11, what airlines did they belong to?

It’s been two decades since the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre in New York. Several lives were lost and people across the globe continue to mourn the loss of the victims as the memories of the deadly attack still haunt many. What exactly happened on 9/11 and how many planes were hijacked by the terrorists?

The attack on the twin towers changed American history forever. The victims are now sadly gone, but they will never be forgotten.

How many planes were hijacked on 9/11?

The attack on the World Trade Centre took place on September 11, 2001. It is since referred to as the 9/11 attacks. 

It was a Tuesday morning when four groups of hijackers boarded four separate planes heading towards California. 

The terrorists took the control of the planes midair, before re-directing them to crash into the twin towers. 

Two planes crashed into the towers and the entire building collapsed within two hours. The third plane hit the Pentagon building outside Washington DC, while the fourth crashed in a field in Pennsylvania 20 minutes after the attack on the World Trade Centre. 

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What planes were involved in the attack?

The four planes hijacked by the terrorists belonged to different airlines. 

The first two planes that departed from Boston were American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175. They were both Boeing 767 aircrafts. 

The third plane, one that crashed into the Pentagon, was an American Airlines Flight 77. Meanwhile, the fourth one that crashed in Shanksville was a United Flight 93. 

The world remembers 9/11 victims 

2,977 people excluding the 19 hijackers lost their lives in the 9/11 attack. People from across the globe took to Twitter to share their prayers for the victims and their families. 

One social media user tweeted, “In Remembrance 9/11. Our prayers go out for lives lost, for all who suffer and our praise to all who protect us”

Another wrote, “My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the USA for the 20th Anniversary or 9/11 may everyone who lost their lives then and now rest in peace”

One tweeted, “Let’s all say a prayer for all the people who died on 9/11 and pray for our country who’s leadership seems to forgetting about all the heroes who died for the freedoms we have today.”


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