How many episodes are left?

The surefire sign of any good TV series is arguably this…

When the episode finishes, you don’t even contemplate whether to hop straight into the next one. You simply do it; transfixed and eager to continue the journey.

In the age of streaming, this is perhaps far too tempting. Before you know it you’re in the early hours of the morning, but dammit, you need answers.

On the other hand, there are still some shows that keep us in suspense.

You want answers? Well, tough. “You’ll have to be patient and wait until the next episode,” taunts the cruel mistress otherwise known as the end credits for Vigil episode 4.

Created by Tom Edge, this unique police procedural has kept audiences captivated from its opening frames, and missing an installment would surely be torture. So, it helps to keep in the loop with the schedule. When is the Vigil episode 5 air date?


Vigil episode 5 air date

Episode 5 of Vigil is scheduled to premiere on BBC One on Sunday, September 19th at 9 pm.

There was initially some confusion regarding the episode schedule because the first two episodes aired across two days. However, rather than airing daily, audiences had to wait until Sunday to tune into episode 3.

Since then, new episodes have arrived each Sunday to round off the week with some riveting drama.

As for what to expect, the Radio Times has given fans a taste of what’s coming in episode 5 courtesy of a synopsis:

“The submarine is forced into lockdown as disaster strikes. With hostile boats tracking and communications down, Vigil’s crew have to navigate this crisis alone. Kirsten desperately hunts for clues to reveal the source of the threat to Vigil, but with no word from the boat, she fears for the safety of Amy, whose quest to uncover the truth places her in grave danger.”

It’s sure to be yet another gripping installment, and speaking of which, how many of those can we expect after this?

Vigil | Trailer – BBC



Vigil | Trailer – BBC





How many episodes are there?

The conclusion is close, as there are only six episodes in total.

With this in mind, fans can check out the finale on Sunday, September 26th 2021 at the same time on BBC One.

As always, you can catch up on BBC iPlayer after broadcast too.

Indeed, you may already be thinking: “I can’t wait for season 2.” Well, hold your horses because Vigil is billed as miniseries.

Taking this into consideration, there’s no reason to expect a second batch of episodes and the sixth episode is sure to wrap things up nicely. On the other hand, it certainly wouldn’t be the first mini-series to be resurrected in the wake of popularity.

The modern way

Speaking with the BBC, Suranne Jones (who plays Amy Silva) opened up about what she feels makes Vigil special when measuring it up to other dramas:

“I think what the team has tried to do is really modern. Because we’ve got a real, old-fashioned boys-y thriller, in the fact it’s set on a submarine and it’s a police investigation. And they’ve put two female leads at the heart of it, which I think is brilliant and modern and refreshing.”

She added: “And there’s also a love story between these two leads that we’re uncovering at the same time, but it doesn’t clash in any way with the thriller elements of the plot.”

“… It’s political enough without taking away from being an entertaining, mainstream TV show. I think that’s what Tom Edge has done really well.”

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