How Database Hosting Can Help HR Departments in 2022

Human resources (HR) departments would be foolish to refuse HR software adoption in a crucial period when the HR software market is expected to reach $25.9 billion by 2023.

With businesses growing and more job roles opening up, using software has become necessary for HR departments to keep up. HR software streamlines processes like automating tasks and keeping employee records organized. Some new tech can even provide salary benchmarks.

For HR software to perform at its best, however, it pays to invest in database hosting because of the many benefits it offers. In this article, we will dive into the basics of database hosting and what it can do for HR.

What is Database Hosting?

A database is an essential component of any type of web application, as it serves as a storage system for all the company information. While it is common for large organizations to host their own databases, a more economical choice is to go for database hosting.

Database hosting refers to a third party managing the environment in which a database operates. They provide the hardware and infrastructure, and are in charge of security, too.

Types of Databases

In terms of management systems, a database can either be two types: relational (SQL) or non-relational (NoSQL).

Relational databases are more structured, because they use user-defined tables, consisting of rows and columns, to store data. They are more suited for medium-sized data.

Non-relational databases are those with an unstructured or semi-structured architecture. They do not consist of tables, but rather of files within folders. These databases are recommended for businesses that deal with plenty of data.

Benefits of Database Hosting for HR

HR departments often deal with a large amount of data. Therefore, it is important to have a database that can easily store data and manage the records. With a third-party provider, HR can achieve this along with the following benefits, as enumerated by this post on database hosting:

Cost Savings

With third-party hosting, there’s no need for businesses to spend on expensive hardware. The provider will also be responsible for maintenance and updates, unlike for self-hosted databases where the owner is tasked with such.


As a business expands and more data storage is required, it will be easy to upgrade the database and add more features. Likewise, downsizing can also be hassle-free.

Scalability is a plus for HR departments, since they can easily prepare and adjust important employee data when a company makes major decisions, like signing a merger.

High Customization

Since hosting providers offer scalable solutions, it is also a breeze to make database changes. Businesses will be able to customize based on their needs, without there being expensive consequences.

Customization options could include determining the level of support or maintenance a company needs and adding a variety of input fields.

Constant Access

Database hosting allows for high availability. This is because hosting companies can duplicate servers and keep them running, which results in users never having to experience database downtime.

With well-being benefits being one of the most common employee demands in 2022, it’s important for HR to provide software that performs well and is always available for users to process these benefits.


Part of the database hosting package includes data security measures. Most third-party hosts offer standard and government-compliant data protection, as well as other useful features like incident response plans.

HR plays a vital role in cybersecurity, as they deal with sensitive employee information. With proper onboarding, they can also influence workers to practice safe data handling, which in turn decreases the chances of cyber attacks due to human error.

As with any new technology, businesses must do their due diligence in order to find the right database host for their specific needs. This involves reviewing business goals, setting budgets, and studying the different solutions available on the market.

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