Houston: American Agents Enter Chinese Consulate Compound

Houston Chinese Consulate

The China-US tension is escalating new lows with each day passing. The current breaking news is that American agents have entered into the compound of Houston’s Chinese consulate. On Tuesday, Washington gave orders to the Chinese embassy to shut down their Houston operations. 

Following the FBI’s allegations on Chinese for committing espionage activities, the Houston Consulate issue has been making rounds on a global level since last week. Many things have taken place since the news of China-US Trade War news broke out. 

On Friday afternoon, US agents barged inside the Houston consulate after the deadline to evacuate was passed. The US agents entered the consulate premises with local law enforcement. 

The crowd gathering around the office witnessed a series of SUVs, white vans, trucks, and locksmith’s van entering the property. Earlier, there were reports of smoke coming out from the embassy premises. 

Consulate Issue: What Started it?

Unless you live under a rock, you must have heard about how notoriety China has garnered for the past few months. Outbreak of COVID-19, underreporting of victims, unethical trade strategies, and espionage. 

Recently, there was an outrage against Chinese products in India. To counter China’s influence, India announced it was banning several Chinese applications.

Followed by that, the US administration is also planning to ban it across the country. The question remains, when. 

Back to Houston Consulate issue, on Tuesday, it was notified to the Chinese embassy of Houston that they are longer allowed to carry out operations in the city.

US officials have found out that Chinese diplomats working there are taking benefits of diplomatic facilities while running espionage operations. 

If you want to know more, you can read about a Chinese scientist who has been on the run since last month. The FBI stated that she is hiding at China’s West Coast consulate in San Francisco. 

Houston, We Have a Problem!

US agents told the media reporters, “Houston embassy was running an IP theft operation at a Texas research institute. Chinese officials were directly connected to the researchers at the institute, and were commanding them on what data to collect.”

Right after Washington’s decision made it to the headlines, the foreign policy analysts speculated that the Chinese government would retaliate by shutting down the US embassy in China. And they did it.

Now that we have two dysfunctional US consulates in China: One in Wuhan and another Chengdu. Do we wonder what next Beijing will do? 

It’s not just the China-US relationship that’s plummeted. Many countries are taking an anti-china stance.

China’s debt-trap policy, IP theft, human rights violations in their country have been globally criticized. Do you think this was a right step taken by US officials? Do you support the evil policies of China?

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