Hospital Playlist Season 2 Makers Have Announced the Release Date of Season 2.

Hospital Playlist is a most liked Korean drama series written by Lee Woo Jung, created by Lee Myung Han, and directed by Shin Won-ho. Recently the showrunners have announced the release date of season 2 of this popular series.

The first episode of Hospital Playlist season 1 was aired on 12 March 2020 on Netflix Originals and tvN. Season 1 comprised of 12 episodes and the last episode on season 1 was aired on 28 May 2020. It was streamed on televisions every Thursday at 9 pm in Korean standard Time. Season 1 was the second part of the Wise Life Series, following Prison Playbook.

People loved season 1 of Hospital Playlist as a result, it became the tenth highest-rated Korean drama series in the history of cable television. Later, it was released on Netflix in English-speaking countries.

Hospital Playlist Season 2What Will Be the Storyline for Hospital Playlist Season 2?

The story largely revolves around the five doctors who are friends as they have passed from the same school named, Medical School in the year 1999. This show portrays the story of their friendship, the way they treat their patients, and their support for each other.

Season 1 ended when Dr. Ahn and Dr. Jang became a couple. Fans monikered this couple as Winter couples.

The finale of season 1 featured the confession of Ik Juns towards Song Hwa just before going to a conference in Spain. So, in the forthcoming installment, we can expect the romance between Ik Jun and Song Huwa.

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We have also seen that Jung Won and Gyro Wool were feeling some attraction towards each other. So, possibly the upcoming season may also tackle the blossoming relationship between Jung Won and Gyro Wool. Above all this, we will also get to know about Seok Hyeong’s future.

The Cast of the Hospital Playlist Season 2

It has been a year, Since, fans have been waiting to watch their five favorite doctors again on the screen. The amazing cast played an important role in making this show the most successful drama of all time.

Showrunners fetched the original cast and got them together for a reading session of the script of season 2. So, It is almost confirmed that we are going to see the same cast as season 1. The following are the characters of season 1

Hospital Playlist Season 2

  • · Jo Jung Suk will be back as Lee Ik jun,
  • · Kim Dae Myung will be returning as Yang Seok Hyeon,
  • · Yoo Yeon Seok will be joining as Ahn Jeong won,
  • · Jeon Mi Do will be back as Chae Song Hwa,
  • · Jung Kyung Ho will be returning as Kim Jun wan,
  • · Shin Hyun Been will be returning as Jang Gyeo wool.

Trailer of the Hospital Playlist Season 2

The showrunners have released the teaser trailer on Youtube. You can watch the teaser trailer of this masterpiece.

Release date of Hospital Playlist Season 2

Episode 1 of this popular series Hospital Playlist season 2 will be running on 17 June 2021. The day and time will be the same as season 1, every Thursday of the week at 9 pm in Korean standard time.

Where to watch Hospital Playlist Season 2

All the episodes of Hospital Playlist Season 1 are available for streaming on TvN (Total Variety Network). Season 1 is also available on Netflix online. You can also download from torrent and watch it online, and enjoy.

You can also watch on various online streaming sites F movies.

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Episodes of season 2 will be streaming on Netflix from the announced date.

Hospital Playlist Season 2

Ratings of Hospital Playlist Season2

Ratings on the various online platforms are sufficient to prove that the Hospital Playlist is one of the best Korean Drama.

  • IMDB Rating Viewers gave their love to the series and it got 8.7 out of 10.
  • MyDramaList Hospital Playlist Series 1 series got ratings of 9.1 out of 10.

FAQ on Hospital Playlist season 2

  • How many episodes are in Hospital Playlist Season 2

It is expected that The number of episodes in season 2 will be the same as was in the previous one.

Season 2 will also have 12 episodes.

Final Verdict

Unlike normal medic drama, Hospital Playlist season 1 didn’t focus on a special ability doctor who struggles for his recognization. It didn’t have a big climax or any hidden conspiracy. It is simple and with a sober story.

This series got so much affection just because it has shown the things that we can relate to our surroundings. This series shows the bond between the friends and their intention to help each other in the time problems. The perfect cast and their acting have made this series more lovable.

If you are a fan of Korean movies then you should give this series a try.

If you have any queries related to this series just drop them in the comment box. We will feel happy to answer them.


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