In the mood to watch a rom-com? High Fidelity season 2 is what you are looking for!

High Fidelity Season 2

Let’s take a look at the American Romantic Comedy Television series (High Fidelity Season 2).

What could be better to watch than a good rom-com? I mean who isn’t a fan of romance and comedy. High Fidelity is a good example if you wish to watch a romantic comedy show. A show everyone would love to sit and watch with their family, friends and lovers. 

But lately, it was rumoured that the show,High Fidelity’s second season, is now cancelled by Hulu. Is that true? If yes, then why? Let’s find out.

Scroll down to find out what happened in the (High  fidelity Season 2).

  • High Fidelity is an American romantic comedy television series. 
  • It is based on the 1995 novel of the same name by Nick Hornby
  • It premiered on Hulu on February 14, 2020.
  • In August 2020, the series was canceled after one season
  • It has one season and 10 episodes in it. 
  • Running time of every episode is 26-34 minutes. 
  • Original network is Hulu. 
  • The distributor of the series is Disney Platform Distribution

Plot Predictions: High Fidelity Season 2

High Fidelity Season 2

The second season building has come under intense scrutiny by High Fidelity producers who aim to keep its original story but with a slight twist to keep it fresh.

They were thinking of making the second season as unexpected as the first season. Because of this, we expect to see Cherise’s love story get a chance and tell her love story this second season. Imagine that Cherise’s personality is very different from Rob’s. We predict great differences in their love affairs and heartbreak. We also expect to see the news of Cherie’s breakup very different from Rob’s.

Apart from this, we expect the story to be very surprising and get into the love story scenes of all the characters in the second season.

Cast Reacts to High Fidelity Season 2 News.

 High Fidelity Season 2

Yes, Hulu has canceled a lovely new series after one season. According to The Hollywood Reporter, actors and staff read the news on August 5, 2020. It is now being confirmed that the show will be canceled. Everyone tried to get it downloaded by other channels as per Disney as well as switching to Hulu. But now Hulu has canceled it. There will never be another season in it.

Kravitz, who played the role and hosted the series, confirmed the news with a heartfelt farewell to High Fidelity on Instagram. “I want to shout out to my #figure fidelity family,” she wrote, describing a slideshow of side photos and her clothes.

“Thank you for all the love and heart you have put into this program,” he continued. “I’m scared of you all. And thank you to everyone who watched us, loved us and supported us. #Breakupssuck”

Trailer : High Fidelity Season 2

As mentioned above, High Fidelity Season 2 is cancelled. But, here is the trailer of the first season and the opening scene of the show to refresh your memories. 

Click the link and watch the Trailer of Season 1.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to High Fidelity Season 2

High Fidelity Season 2

Will There Be a Season 2 of High Fidelity?

Many of the fans and audience have no idea about the fact that the show, High Fidelity’s next season has been cancelled. High Fidelity is the American web comedy TV series, based on the 1995 novel of the same name (High Fidelity) written by Nick Hornby, was cancelled on August 5, 2021 after the first season.

Why Did High Fidelity Get Canceled?

The company, Disney Plus switched High Fidelity over to the other platform in April 2019. This happened because of the adult content and themes of the show. They thought it to be a better fit for Hulu to take the show than the typically PG-rated Disney Plus.

How Many Seasons of High Fidelity Are There?

As the show is now cancelled, High Fidelity’s first season is all we have now to watch.

Is High Fidelity on Netflix?

Nope. High Fidelity isn’t currently available to stream on Netflix.

How Old Is Rob in High Fidelity?

Rob is into Liam and mid-makeout, she finds that this foreign rockstar is 19 years old to her 30s age.

Where Can We Watch High Fidelity?

Anyone can easily watch High Fidelity on Hulu but before watching you have to subscribe to it. 

Final Words: 

Did you watch Season 1 (High Fidelity)? Which part of the series do you like the most?

Would you like to see another High Fidelity Season 2 season on Hulu? Are you disappointed that the High Fidelity Season 2 has been canceled? Let us know in the comments below!

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