Hell’s Kitchen Season 19: Spoilers From Episode 13

Hey cooking lovers, we are here to tell you everything about Episode 13. You must want to know that who was eliminated from the episode. Well, read till the end to every update.

Our first look at the Hell's Kitchen 19 Roster : HellsKitchen


 Hell’s Kitchen is the most popular reality cooking series streaming on Fox. Gordon Ramsay has always hosted the show since its start in 2005. Since 2005, the show has gained millions of viewers and successfully ran for 18 seasons. Season nineteen landed on fox on January 7, 2021.  Season nineteen is still going on and will conclude on April 22, 2021. Thirteen episodes of season nineteen are released so far.

Well, Let’s discuss Episode 13

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Spoilers From Episode 13

18 fresh contestants embarked on a journey of becoming head chef at Gordon Ramsay‘s Lake Tahoe Restaurant. But only 5 most talented chefs named  Mary Lou DavisDeclan HorganKori Sutton,  Cody Candelario, and Amber Lancasterlet competed on April 1, 2021. The episode was 13th in number and titled “It’s Time!”. In the end, 1 out of 5 had to take his or her Jacket off. Let’s find out who is the one.

At the Individual Challenge: Bruce Buffer hosted the first challenge. A set of ingredients was disclosed to the chefs. They fought for the ingredient they desired. Michael Cimarusti was also present as the guest judge. Declan prepared chicken with the champ, and it impressed the judges.

Amber prepared filet but was not better than the Daclan Dishes. Mary Lou prepared veal chop with parsnip and corn, Kori prepared lobster with tomatillo salsa, and Cody made halibut with couscous. At the end dish of Mary came the winner.

Reward/punishment: Mary Lou earned All-Clad cookware and choose Kori to share her prize. Later, they compete in a race in luxury cars. They also have their lunch with the Chefs. On the other hand, Amber, Cody, and Declan were having recycling da. Therefore, they prep for the Dinner service round. 

Service: For the 1st Jacket service, Ember Moon and Wayde King have come. Declan went the first. However, he initially gave cold crab cakes but rectified its mistake within time. 

Amber prepared scallops. When he went to judges with it, the judges were disappointed. It was poorly cooked.  

On the other hand, Mary Lou has done its communication on garnish excellently, and Cody was also handling the meat station well.

Hell's Kitchen: Seasons 19 and 20; FOX Series Officially Renewed - canceled + renewed TV shows - TV Series Finale

Unfortunately, Amber did one more mistake. He burned a salmon. He panicked over salmon and halibut conditions and demanded help from Declan, Mary Lou, and Kori. Ramsay was disappointed with the Ambers’s behavior. However, Mary Lou failed to catch it up. Ramsay gave a chance to Amber and went to the pantry to regroup.

The remaining service went nice. However, Ramsay was not satisfied with the performance.

Elimination Round: Two chefs were nominated for the Elimination. Any Guesses? Well, One of them was Amber. He was nominated for bad work with wish and inconsistency in his work. But, Ramsay appreciated him for his plating.

Declan was in the elimination nomination due to a lack of organizing skill.

 Ultimately, by weighing the performance of both the contestant, he eliminated Amber. 

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Ramsay’s final remark for Amber “Amber came here expecting to beat the competition, but her biggest obstacle ended up being herself”.

With this, Ramsay get his four final contestants which include Mary Lou DavisDeclan HorganKori Sutton, and Cody Candelario

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What is the format of the Hell’s Kitchen show?

The show is similar to UK’s reality show but with some differences. After the final 18 contestants(chefs) are selected, Gordon Ramsay divides the contestants into two teams. One of the women who will be on the read team and one of the men in the blue team. Each team is given a Jacket with their team color on it. Generally, chefs stick with their team through the competition. However, Ramsay possesses the authority to change the team of a chef if necessary.

The stages are of the series are-

Challenges- In this stage, Ramsay assigned the task to individuals or teams. They have to perform the task. Whoever is the winner gets the rewards, and the loser gets the punishment.

Dinner Serving- In this stage, the team has to work on their workstation in coordination to serve a gathering of around 100 people. 

Elimination- After the dinner service is over, Ramsay gathers all the chefs to announce the result of the Dinner serving. The losing team must select 2 or more members for their team who will be in Elimination. At last, the weakest contestant is eliminated.

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Who Are the Contestants of Hell’s Kitchen Season 19?

Eighteen chefs were selected for season 19. It includes-

  • Cody Candelario
  • Mary Lou Davis
  • Fabiola Fuentes
  • Nicole “Nikki” Hanna
  • Declan Horgan
  • Amber Lancaster
  • Lauren Lawless
  • Peter Martinez
  • Kenneth McDuffie
  • Josh Oakley
  • Adam Pawlak
  • Marc Quinones
  • Brittani Ratcliff
  • Eliott Sanchez
  • Jordan Savell
  • Kori Sutton
  • Drew Tingley
  • Syann Williams

Where Can We Watch Hell’s Kitchen Show?

It is Fox series so, you can watch it on Fox. You can also watch it on  Discovery+ and Amazon Prime Video.

Final Words

Well, season 19 is still running and gave us the four final contestants. We hope that the most deserving candidate may win. I personally like Mary Lou Davis. Who is your favorite chef? Tell me in the comment box. 




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