Have You Watched The LIFE LIKE MOVIE ?

Here Are Some Interesting Facts And Information About The Release Date, Plot Cast Trailer Of Like-Like?

Science-fiction movies make the audience live in a fictional world, making them enjoying the movie. Life-Like is also such a film.

Life-Like is a science-fiction movie with the drama genre that emerged in the United States with the production company Lionsgate.

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Josh Janowicz is the writer and the director of the movie, whereas Ryan R. Johnson is the producer.

What Is The Plotline Of The Movie Life-Like?

After the death of his father, James becomes the CEO of the trust fund company. He shifts to a mansion, away from the city with his wife, Sophie. He hires a cook, a maid, and a butler over there as helping hands, but Sophie fires all of them. She was uncomfortable around them. After this decision, the workload increases for James, which leads him to meet up with Julian. Julian was the one who was selling the robots with artificial intelligence, capable of performing domestic work. His father invented all the robots. He was perfecting and selling them for his profit.

Sophie realizes that most of the robots out there were females. Due to some complications and insecurities, Sophie chooses a male robot named Henry. This decision calmed her worries very much. Henry was performing all his work with full potential and never denied a single command. Initially, it was all going well when he was performing all the duties. James was also improving his relations with Sophie. But, soon, Henry started developing emotional attachments with the house and both the companions individually, which lead to complications.

Many incidents experienced by Sophie made her doubt Henry. One of the incidents was Henry roaming out in the garden outside the house all naked. He also shared an intimate scene with James in the bathroom that made us doubt the sexuality of James. Henry also gets close to Sophie while performing massage. After listening, I love you from Henry in the same way as James said, disturbed her. She soon informs James about all this, due to which James ended up slapping Henry.

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Everything becomes clear when Julian appeared to be a fraud who used humans as machines. He used all the ignored children, raised them, and experimented on them for making them robots. To arrest Julian, two FBI agents arrive at the mansion. But Julian attacks them with a shotgun and then points towards Sophie and James with the weapon. To save them, Henry attacks Julian and beats him mercilessly. Feeling ashamed of Julian, Henry kills himself with a knife. To pay a tribute, Sophie and James name his child Henry after five years.

The Release Date: When Was The Movie Life-Like Made Available For The Public?

With a running time of 1 hour 35 minutes, the movie was premiered in the United States on 14th May 2019.

What Are The Names Of The Characters In The Movie Life Like?

James, played by Drew Van Acker, worked on the trust fund, which belongs to his father. After his dad’s death, he became the CEO of the company and shifted to a mansion on the outskirts of the city.

Sophie, played by Addison Timlin, is the wife of James, who is unemployed and is mostly at her home. She fired the chef, maid, and butler after feeling uncomfortable with this decision of James.

James D’Arcy is playing the role of Julian, who sells the robots with artificial intelligence. These robots were used for domestic needs as servants. Later, it is revealed that he is a fraud and used real humans for his dirty experiments.

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Henry, played by Steven Strait, is a male android sold by Julian to Sophie and James. He carries out all his duties and fulfils all the demands of the owner. Later, he develops emotions and starts seeing dreams after getting encouraged by Sophie.

  • The other significant characters of the movie are:
  • Ronald Gitts’s role played by Mark Famiglietti
  • Angie’s role played by Mikaela Holmes
  • Jessica’s role played by Ellen Michelle Monohan
  • Social Worker’s role played by Lisann Valentin
  • Agent Mulroy’s role played by Nicholas Baroudi
  • Mary’s role played by Hilary Barraford
  • Barry’s role played by Martin Sprock
  • Young Henry’s role played by Zealand Tallman
  • Rosa’s role played by Justine J. Hall

What Are The Ratings Of Life Like Movie?

On google, 83% of the people reported liking the film and gained $ 74,853 million. It hasn’t got any review on the Tomatometer yet but got 69% of the audience score based on less than 50% of the user ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

It has a rating of 5.4 out of 10 on IMDb.

Where Can We Watch The Life-Like Movie?

You can search on Google for it as many platforms are available there for streaming the movie. The most famous one is Amazon Prime, where you can rent or buy it and stream online.

You can have free access to it on Hulu as a free trial if you are new to it.

You have to buy it from iTunes and Google Play.

You can also have free access to it on Uwatchfree.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To The Movie Life-Like:

Most of the people ask about the already answered questions in the article. Some of them are listed below:

Where can we watch the movie Life-Like?

You can stream it on Hulu for free initially. But after a certain time, you need to have access to it after the subscription.

What is the base of the movie Life-Like?

The life-Like movie centres around a couple whose life changes after the arrival of a domestic robot who develops human feelings. Their perception of humanity alters after this incident.

The question that was left unanswered was about the job for Sophie. Why was she unemployed?


The 2019 film has gained much popularity and made many fans. You can also enjoy the movie through various platforms.

Keep enjoying sci-fi movies!

If you have any questions regarding the Movie, Life-Like you can drop a comment in the comment section. we love to answer

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