Has Mumbai Diaries season 2 been confirmed by Amazon Prime?

Less than one week after the debut of Mumbai Diaries 26/11, fans are curious as to whether the hit drama has been renewed for season 2 by Amazon Prime.

Last week, the online streaming industry was dominated by the launching of various original Indian productions, including Tuck Jagadish, Tughlaq Durbar and Bhoot Police.

However, the biggest release on the drama-series front was Mumbai Diaries 26/11, which premiered on Amazon Prime Video.

Now, not even one week after its global debut, reports concerning the future of Mumbai Diaries are spreading like wildfire online.

Mumbai Diaries – Official Trailer | Amazon Original



Mumbai Diaries – Official Trailer | Amazon Original






Mumbai Diaries season 2…

According to reports online, Mumbai Diaries season 2 has been green-lit by Amazon Prime Video, following the series’ successful debut last week.  

The news was first shared by popular streaming news page LetsOTT Global; however, it appears that a second season was being planned in advance of Mumbai Diaries 26/11’s premiere.

As reported by News 18, director Nikkhil Advani revealed that “the writing team is already working [on season 2] and we also have a script in place.”

Whilst Advani made no mention of the potential narrative for Mumbai Diaries season 2, he noted that the “second season will be about a bigger disaster that happened to the city which affected all the citizens.”

“Every season will deal with a particular disaster situation the city is reeling under. The eight episodes will play out over 24 hours with the characters we have introduced in Season 1 moving forward to deal with the next crisis.” – Nikkhil Advani, via News 18.

What will Mumbai Diaries season 2 be about?

The problem with predicting the crisis that season 2 will be based around is that we don’t know the timeframe, i.e. if multiple seasons are planned with the same characters, how much time will we skip between each season?

At an early prediction, season 2 could focus on the 2011 bomb attacks that killed 26 people and injured 130 after three bombs exploded at the Opera House, Zaveri Bazaar and Dadar.

However, the more likely narrative for Mumbai Diaries season 2 is arguably the coronavirus pandemic and the response from medical professionals in the hospitals there.

Not only is this the largest crisis that the city has experienced since the 2008 attacks but would be in accordance with the statement from Advani that season 2 would concern an event that “affected all the citizens.”

Whilst the pandemic will almost certainly feature in Mumbai Diaries at some point (providing that the series returns for multiple seasons), future stories could also focus on the fire at Mumbai Hospital or the fatal landslide in the region, both of which occurred in 2021.

What date could Mumbai Diaries season 2 release?

At the time of writing, neither the production team nor Amazon Prime Video has revealed a targeted release date for Mumbai Diaries season 2.

Filming for the series took place in 2019, but very little information is available on when production first began – making it difficult to predict a potential launch window for season 2.

However, Advani’s statement that a script is already being worked on does give fans hope that season 2 of Mumbai Diaries could arrive sooner than expected, potentially around Fall 2022.

How was season 1 rated and reviewed?

Mumbai Diaries 26/11 has received somewhat of a mixed response from fans and critics online.

On the one hand, the series was called “interesting and impactful” by the Bollywood Bubble and “an urgent and swift series that feels authentic” by The Indian Express.

However, other responses have been far more critical of the series’ storytelling and character development, with one explaining how the show “feels fake” and is “intellectually bereft.”

“What hurts more as a viewer is a show that is so technically sound—production design, photography, action, with scale/budgets to back it—that it looks devastatingly real. And yet script/story wise, so intellectually bereft, that it feels frickin’ inauthentic/fake!” – Mayank Shekhar, via Mid Day.

Overall, the series has scored a respectable, if not slightly underwhelming 7.5/10 on IMDB and 3.5/5 on The Times of India: scores that need to be improved if the series is to become a staple of Amazon’s streaming service in the future.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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