BREAKING: Harry Maguire, MU Captain Found Guilty

Harry Maguire, Manchester United Captain

It looks like things are not going well for English footballer Harry Maguire, he’s been found guilty in the trials. He was accused of assaults, attempts of bribery, and resisting arrest. Maguire is the captain of the Manchester United team. He was found involved in a brawl outside of Mykonos nightclub in Greece.

He had been arrested in Greece on Thursday. After the court trial, it was revealed that Manchester United captain received a great thrashing inside the police station. There’s some spicy news coming out of sources like Manchester United captain using abusive language against the officers.

He also tried to persuade the officers by offering the bribe and let him go in return.
Maguire is not alone convicted of the charges against, brother Joe Maguire and friend Chris Sharman were found guilty too.

You can see updates on the case from Martha Kelner on Twitter:

There are a three-year sentence and a hefty fine for the crime of attempting to bribe public officials. More news is about to come in this case. Please stay tuned to read the updates on it.

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