Happy Season 3: Is it Canceled or Coming Soon…

Happy Season

“Your imagination is a pretty effed up place to live, Nick. You know that, right?”

Are you seeking any series which offers action, comedy, drama…everything in one series? Then today’s series is the one for you….all about action, comedy, and drama.

I know you all are excited about the series. So, Let’s get started:

Happy :

Happy is an American series that is a perfect blend of action-drama, black comedy. Moreover, the series is based on four-issue comic book series created by Grant Morrison and directed by Brian Taylor for some of the episodes.

Happy’s first show was premiered on SYFY on December 6, 2017, receiving highly positive reviews. On January 29, 2018, Sysy announced season second, launched on March 27, 2019.

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Curious…to know the ratings of the shows:

IMBd Rating of Happy Season 1 :

The rating of the Happy Season, according to IMBd, is 8.2, which is quite good. The season is quite successful and receives a satisfactory rating for the IMBd.

But the rating of Season 2 is not so satisfactory, which discontented the creators.

Happy Season

Happy Season Reviews:

Before moving further, look at the user’s reaction whether they are actually happy watching Happy Show or not…

Tori Preston:

This is a gross, weird, frenetic show filled with horrible people and terrible deeds, but it’s also one of the most inventively shot and acted things I’ve seen on Tv.


Suppose you are able to view Happy! Mainly as an exercise in style and attitude with a brilliant lead performance, you will find a lot to admire here.


Happy represents(s) the kind of shows that somebody might like, in this age of TV abundance, but nobody real;y needed.

Emily WanDer:

The interplay between Meloni and Oswalt is surprisingly delightful for a relationship created entirely in post-production; the show is careful never to overplay the Happy card.

Let’s moves towards the most awaited part of the article:

Happy Season 3:

After the successful completion of the two seasons, fans are expecting season three. So, let’s check whether season 3 will be back:-

Happy Season

Is Happy Season 3 is canceled?

Dismally, the series is canceled by Syfy. After completing the two seasons, on June 4, 2019, Sysy declared the series’s ending. Followers are highly disappointed by this declaration.

Actually, the series doesn’t perform up to the mark in season 2, even the rating of season 2 was not satisfactory, so Syfy decided to cancel the show.

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Is there any hope for its comeback?

The series is getting transmitted to numerous other networks for release. But there is no solid information available for the same. There are high chances that Netflix will grab the series and further renew its seasons.

Happy Season

Moreover, a petition is circling around the anime fans to sign the petition to save the Happy Season. If Netflix picks the season,n then Happy season can renew. So, hope for the best…there are chances you can again stream your new seasons of Happy.

As of now, the series is not renowned for the new season…

When Could Season 3 will release if it gets renewed?

Well, if Happy gets replenished by the other network or streaming platform, then we expect its release in 2021. However, its release is totally reliant on the other platform (picked by which series) and its production schedule.

Happy Season

So, please don’t get upset and hope for its release soon.

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Famous Dialogues of Happy Season:

Let’s recall all the famous conversation between the cast members:

Nick: Look. Remember when I said what I want out of an imaginary friend?

Happy: A silent partner who helps you out when you need him and disappears when you don’t. Well, you can stop thinking about me and start thinking about Hailey because she is the one priority; she is the only priority. Shit. I’m supposed to pick her up from school.

Hailey: Have you ever been to AA?

Nick: I haven’t had an avocado in years!

Nick: You know what I’m feeling? The early bird special at Red Lobster. How about you?

Hailey: Hell yeah!


Although, Happy season 3 is canceled still there is a small hope for its release. This article is all about Happy season 3, whether it will be back or not. If you haven’t watched any of the seasons, then you must watch it, especially season 1.

For any further inquiry, comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ques. Will Happy Season 3 will be back?

Ans. As of now, there are low chances for a Happy comeback as the series is canceled by the creators. If any other platform grabs it, then it will get renewed.

Ques. Will Netflix pick up Happy season 3?

Ans. Exactly, we can’t say. Recently, a petition is circulating asking the fans to sign..to save Happy Season 3. If the petitions work well then the series will be renewed by Netflix as Netflix will take it. But we can’t say, specifically, what will happen.

Ques. How many Seasons of Happy are on Netflix?

Ans. There are two seasons of Happy- Season 1 and Season 2. Both seasons are available on Netflix. You can access both seasons on it.

Ques. Can we expect the Happy after its cancellation?

Ans. If Netflix picks the Happy, then we can expect Happy back with its Season ;3 otherwise, there is no hope for its comeback as Syfy cancels the series.

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