Handmaids Tale Season 4: Release Date| Plotline And Updates

the handmaids season 4

Are you guys waiting for The Handmaids Tale Season 4? What will happen in the life of Handmaid’s characters?

In this, we have covered everything we know so far about the Handmaid’s Tale Season 4. Do you want to know more about it, then make sure to read our article till the end.

Let’s start with this dialogue-

“I listen to my heart, wave upon wave, salty and red, continuing on and on, marking time.”

Handmaid’s Tale is created by an American dystopian tragedy television series created by Bruce Miller. The series is based on the Novel of the same name in 1985 by a Canadian author named Margaret Atwood.

The show has got good reviews from the critics and audiences as well. The previous one has got great success, that’s why the fans are waiting for the fourth installment.

What Is The Releasing Status of The Handmaids Tale Season 4?

Season 4 is going to be released in 2021 but the date is not revealed by the creators but we can expect the date will be aired at the starting of the new year. Hulu has confirmed this in an interview you can watch this video for further details.

Handmaids Tale Season 4- Star Cast And Crew

The star cast who is going to be seen in the Handmaid’s fourth installment is McKenna Grace as confirmed by Hulu in an interview. The grace will be playing the role of Gilead. This is it, Hulu hasn’t told about the other cast but yes we can predict that the cast in the fourth installment will be the same as we have seen in the previous one.

If this happens then we will go to see Elizabeth Moss, Ann Dowd, Max Minghella, Samira Wiley, Amanda Brugel, and OT Fagbenle with some other supporting actors like Nina Kiri, Sydney Sweeney, Ever Carradine.

Handmaids Tale Season 4

Handmaids Tale IMDb And Other Ratings

This section is for the one who used to check the ratings and reviews, if you are the one then have a glance at this section.

  • IMDb-8.4
  • Rotten Tomatoes-88%
  • Common Sense Media-5/5

Wow, the ratings are generous for this kind of drama. What’s your opinion on this? Tell us in our comment section.

How Users Reacted To This Drama-Handmaids Tale

Season 1: remarkable and chilling. I could not wait to watch more.

Season 2: good start and continuation but the face acting slowly started creeping in.

Season 3: constant face close-ups of June with the same half angry half disgusted look with an eye twitch. The entire season is acted by her face and it started grinding on me.”

Season one was somewhat ok despite dragging on slightly. However, season 2 is diabolical – this show just goes around in circles with no real development. So many scenes and episodes that have been dragged out for no reason. You can actually fast forward entire sections and still miss nothing.

Way too slow. Especially when we have to see the horror that happens with June’s face. The actress is like an alien trying to mimic human expressions. It looks dumb and out of place. Everyone else does a better job though. Good story, but they don’t have any progress after the first season. So we spent hours, feels like years, to watch June looking confused and stupid.”

The first and second seasons were good but moved slowly enough for me to give my initial rating of this an 8. However like one of the reviews I read on this site said well is from the get-go this show has a very anemic explanation of how the world came to be in the show. But season 3 is a complete disaster.

Do you like the reviews? Want to add more to it? I know you want to, if so then go ahead and type your honest reviews on this drama in our comment section which is directed below.

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Is There Any Trailer For The Handmaids Tale Season 4?

There is no trailer for the Handmaid’s Tale 4, but here we have uploaded a video for you that you can watch and enjoy. When we get the officials trailer we will update the relevant information in our article soon for you, till then enjoy this video 🙂

Most Popular Handmaids Tale Dialogues

  • “I feel like the word shatter.”
  • “Nothing changes instantaneously: in a gradually heating bathtub you’d be boiled to death before you knew it.”
  • “Ignoring isn’t the same as ignorance, you have to work at it.”
  • “Pain marks you, but too deep to see. …
  • “We lived in the blank white spaces at the edges of print.”
  • Truly amazing, what people can get used to, as long as there are a few compensations.”
  • “The sitting room is subdued, symmetrical; it’s one of the shapes money takes when it freezes. Money has trickled through this room for years and years, as if through an underground cavern, crusting and hardening like stalactites into these forms.”

  • “Perhaps he saw the look on my face and mistook it for something else. Really what I wanted was the cigarette.”
  • “Nothing safer than dead.”
  • “But the frown isn’t personal: it’s the red dress she disapproves of, and what it stands for. She thinks I may be catching, like a disease or any form of bad luck.”
  • “Don’t let them suffer too much. If they have to die, let it be fast. You might even provide a Heaven for them. We need You for that. Hell, we can make for ourselves.”
  • “Nobody’s heart is perfect.”

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Bottom Lines

Our article is completely inspired by The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4. The fourth season is going to be premiere in 2021 the date is not fixed but in an interview, it is told Hulu that there will be the fourth installment.

We have tried to make this article worth reading if you find this worth then tell us in our feedback section and if you want anything to change or improve in our article then tell us, this will help us to grow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-Where we can watch the Handmaid’s Tale Season 4?

A-If you are looking to watch the Handmaids Tale then you can watch it on Hulu but for the fourth installment, you have to wait a bit more once the fourth installment released then after some time it will be available on Hulu to stream online.

Q-Who will be the main character of the Handmaids Tale Season 4?

A-The star cast who is going to be seen in the Handmaid’s fourth installment is McKenna Grace as confirmed by Hulu in an interview. The grace will be playing the role of Gilead. This is it, Hulu hasn’t told about the other cast but yes we can predict that the cast in the fourth installment will be the same as we have seen in the previous one.

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