How Hackers Break WiFi Passwords

In addition to using super-sophisticated smartphones, connecting to a super fast Internet connection for free is the dream of every smartphone user. One way to get a fast and free Internet connection is to connect to a WiFi network. But unfortunately, WiFi’s are hackable. We will show you how hackers can break into your wifi connection.

Note : This article doesn’t teach anything about hacking, rather it shows how individuals can secure their WiFi Connection from Hackers.

6 Common Ways How hackers Break WiFi Passwords

Not all hackers are malicious. Instead of messing up government websites or breaking into Banks and spreading people’s data, some hackers are more fond of finding super-fast Internet connections to be able to surf freely in cyberspace. Well, hackers usually break down WiFi in the following ways :

1Using Router

This is the easiest way hackers use to break WiFi. Simply enter the IP address or and its username , then the hacker will have free access to a particular WiFi network. This is only applicable if the hacker has connected to WiFi at least once.

Solution : Change your WiFi Default Username and Password, Most people don’t bother to change the default Username and password. Changing the Default username and password would help your WiFi connection not get compromised by Hackers.

2Android Apps

With Android smartphone rooted in , hackers can easily break into WiFi Internet connection using WPS security system.


you can monitor and analyze the WiFi network around you using Aircrack. when you can connect to a network, you can open a password that is used a network WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) and WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). In general, this tool is mostly used as a network password strength testers .


One of the favorite password breaker tool for Windows and Mac users is WifiSlax . If used by professional hackers, WifiSlax can be used to hack WiFi passwords just by creating a fake WiFi network using similar names. Later this tool will record the password used, and allows you to connect easily.


Wireshark is a Network Protocol Analyzer which is also included as one of Network Analysis Tool or commonly known as Packet Sniffer. The reason, Wireshark can be used not only to break the WiFi password , but also tapping others.

If you use Wireshark on a computer connected to the same network, then you can know the traffic of data coming in and out of the target. Meanwhile, if you break a WiFi password, you can know how much quota is used for anything and by anyone.

This article doesn’t encourage you to perform hacking, it just shows how to secure your device and by what ways hackers can gain your access. By following the tips mentioned one can secure their devices from hackers.

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