GTA Online Summer Update: Release Date & New Features

GTA online summer update
GTA online summer update

It’s almost 7 years since the release of GTA 5, we’re still getting regular updates on GTA 5. Now, when it comes down to major GTA 5 updates, it’s closing down to release much awaited GTA Online summer update.

Further, the GTA Online update will be available for almost every supported gaming consoles like Xbox, PC, & PS4. Now, coming to this post, here I’ll update you with everything that’s coming with this upcoming update. Without wasting much time, let’s proceed –

GTA Online Summer Update Release Date

So, when ‘s this next major update is releasing? Well, Rockstar Games have confirmed that GTA Online Summer Update will go live on the 11th of August for PC, P4, and Xbox users.

However, at the time of confirmation, they didn’t provide the exact timeframe of the release. So, the only thing we can do now is speculation and if my estimation is right, you can expect the GTA Online Update to arrive by the time last Major update GTA Diamond Casino update went live. Sometime around 10 am BST.

GTA Online Summer Update Major Features

Before the official release of the GTA Online summer update on the 11th of August, we’ve some inside information on what new will be introduced in the upcoming update.

Although we don’t have a complete list of features, you’ll get an idea of what the GTA Online summer update is all about. Further, some of the major features in the upcoming update are vehicles, modes, and new co-op activities. Plus, the update concludes with a promise of Heists finally coming back to GTA Online in a future update they say will be the game’s “biggest ever update.”

Odds And Ends

Last but not the least, the feature GTA Online summer update will bring is a number of general improvements and fixes. Additionally, you can grab weekly bonuses and events.

With the guarantee of the largest update still forthcoming, and the previous announcement that GTA Online will be coming to next-generation consoles too, there are no indications that the speed of articles will be slowing down anytime soon.

New Modes and Missions

Company Battles are a new addition that guarantees maximum rewards for completing your pre-defined delivery-related tasks in”surprising locations.” However, if that is not your thing, the Diamond Casino and Resort is also getting some fresh Adversary Modes.

Fresh Wheels

To all the car lovers out there, the new update will add more than a dozen new cars into the auto portal of GTA 5. Out of all the launched cars, there’ll be some that you can fully customize with the help of Benny. Tunable sports car, New off-roaders, and two new Open Wheel rides are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to introducing the new cars in the update.

Out of all these vehicles, only a number of vehicles have the ability to take part in Open Wheel Races. Further, thanks to the new Open Wheel Race Creator, if you’re a creative person then you can use your creativity to create new race tracks.

New Co-Op Missions

The article details how the summer update for GTA Online is going to introduce a new set of missions open to anybody who owns the Galaxy Super Yacht. While they can be accomplished alone, these missions allow for you and up to three teammates to have a number of new activities such as deep diving and”high-speed hi-jinks on the high seas.”

Final Words

That’s all for now. I’ll update you once rockstar games release GTA Online Summer Update for GTA 5. So, stay tuned with our blog to find out everything about it. In the meanwhile, I would recommend you to join the Collegiate Esports League. If you’re a college-going student, then take part in the tournament as you will have a chance to the prize money of $30,000.

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