Grey’s Anatomy: Will Ellen Pompeo Get Out from The Series?

Grey's Anatomy
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Grey’s Anatomy: Is Ellen Pompeo leaving the show?

Hearing it straight from the actor, this is what exactly she said in an interview about leaving the show “If I started the show when I was younger, I probably would have dipped out when I was 31 or 32, when my six-year contract was up. I knew coming up on 40, it’s like, I don’t want to be out there chasing film roles or begging for work. I’d rather just see this as the blessing that it is.”

Further she said, “A healthy home life was more important to me than a career. I didn’t grow up with a particularly happy childhood. I have this great husband and these three beautiful children, to have a happy home life was really something I needed to complete, to close the hole in my heart and so, I made a decision to make money and not run after creative acting roles.”

Ellen was seen putting her family above everything and not being apologetic about it. keep it up lady, we are proud of you! She also shared a glimpse of this interview on her twitter handle where she clarifies everything. 

Click on the link given below to hear out what she has to say on this topic.

So, now after hearing her out, you must have got your answer whether she’s leaving that show or not i.e. she is still very much a part of the show and will continue to play Dr Meredith Grey on ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy”.

All the Dr Meredith fans, are you happy or are you very much happy after knowing this? The American medical drama television series “Grey’s Anatomy” will soon be releasing its 17 th season and Ellen will surely be in it playing her original role. The release date of the show is still not out but hearing that Ellen is still in it was more than enough to feel excited.

Now we hope that you all can happily wait for the upcoming season because you want to. So, don’t go anywhere because just like Dr Meredith and season 17 of the series, we’ll also be returning for our readers to bring some more interesting news for them to binge upon. So, until next time, stay safe and stay connected.

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