Greenleaf Season 6: Is The Show Cancelled? Latest Updates And Details

There is a thin line between keeping up appearances and flat-out hypocrisy. — Greenleaf...

Greenleaf Season 6

Greenleaf is an American drama series which is created by  Craig Wright with executive producer Oprah Winfrey and Lionsgate Television.

The show stars a number of faces like Keith David as Bishop James Greenleaf, Lynn Whitfield as “First Lady” Daisy Mae Greenleaf, Merle Dandridge as Pastor Grace “Gigi” Greenleaf, and Desiree Ross as Sophia Greenleaf.

greenleaf season 6

The story revolves around the family popular as Greenleaf. The family has to face a number of scams and conundrums. The first episode airs on 21 June 2016 with thirteen episodes and now the show has five seasons with a total of sixty episodes with a running time of forty to forty-two minutes.

After these hits, now the fans want a season 6 but will it happen? According to the recent reports, the possibilities for the happening of season sixth is quite low. Let’s examine more on this…

Will There Be A Greenleaf Season 6?

The fifth installment is released by Netflix on 23rd June 2020 and delivered around eight episodes which are considered to be the final part of the series. It was clear for the creators that they are going to end the show with the fifth installment confirmed by Express UK.

In the final season, we see Grace Greenleaf’s journey come to an end. Starting from the back, the imprudent daughter of the family decided to come back to her home from Arizona to regain the love from her loved relatives.

Although she doesn’t want to continue the drama…. which is the main reason for her to leave the megachurch family. Now she is in New York with Darius Nash to the greener pastures. Slowly everything seems better for her rather than the disappointment of her family but still, she adjusted her in the environment and decided to live her livelihood there.

At the end of the Greenleafs fifth installment, creators said that they aren’t willing to make more spin-offs for the show and now it’s time to discontinue the show for more seasons.

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Where We Can Watch Greenleaf Series?

The show is available to stream on a number of platforms like  Amazon Prime Videos and Rather than these two, you can also access it on YouTube, Philo Tv,  and fuboTV.

Ratings of Greenleaf Season 5-

The fifth installment of the Greenleaf got an average rating of 0.28 with an 18-49 demographic and 1.28 million viewers which are slightly low as compared to the former seasons.

Maybe the low ratings and viewership is another reason for the cancellation of the show, what do you think have you seen the series before? Comment down your reviews with us…

Final Lines

Greenleaf is one of the best series if you love drama and mystery. The show focuses on the hypocrisy of religious beliefs. Now the show has come to end, officials are saying thank you to their fans for giving that much love…

It’s the end of the series and now there won’t be a “Greenleaf season 6” so it’s better to shift to something another series what about some amazon hits? Kota Factory Season 2: Confirmed By The TVF, Outlander Season 4, Ender’s Game Season 2, and Water World 2.

“When you see what I can do without any help from you, you’re gonna mourn the pride you could have felt in me when all you had was a pity.”

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