Great Pretender: Anime to Release This August On Netflix

Great Pretender Anime on Netflix

Welcome back, reader! Ready for another dose of your daily entertainment news? Let’s talk about a Japanese anime show that will soon air on Netflix and is called ‘Great Pretender.’

Animated shows always have a different storyline and are more entertaining since they have the freedom to show anything as it is not real but a virtual world.

Talking about ‘Great Pretender,’ the show has almost all sorts of genres, from action to comedy, from adventure to psychology and mystery. Sounds interesting, right?

The show has only aired in Japan till now. On 23 June 2020, on Netflix with 23 episodes in total, and is doing pretty well with the audience. Keep on reading to know more about it. 

Great Pretender: Release

Although the show has already been released in its native country i.e., Japan, it is yet to release globally. The dates for an international release are already out, and you can stream on the show from 20 August 2020, on the Netflix app.

If you want to explore more about the show, then click on the link given below to get all the latest updates of it.

Great Pretender: Cast

Several people are a part of this show, as animated series require background voice for the character. Following is the names of the artists and characters they are giving voice to:

Edamura Masato – Chiaki Kobayashi

Laurent Thierry – Junichi Suwabe

Abigail Jones – Natsumi Fujiwara

Cynthia Moore – Mie Sonozaki

Sam Ibrahim – Fuminori Komatsu

Salzar – Ryouta Takeuchi

Isabelle Mueller – Mayumi Sako

Clark Ibrahim -Chikahiro Kobayashi

Caio Bisconti – Yuuki Inoue

Luis Mueller – Kenji Nomura

Great Pretender: Plot

To be short and precise, A Japanese conman crosses paths with a French rival. It gets entangled in conspiracies and scams beyond his imaginations. The Japanese conman is also the protagonist of the show, Edamura Masato.

To elaborate a little more, this is what exactly happened:

The Japanese greatest conman, Edamura Masato finds out that he is not the greatest, while he tries to steal from a French person. While he was trying to take somebody else’s money in a foreign land, he finds out that all his cash got accepted instead.

He chases the snatcher to Los Angeles. He learns that the foreigner is Laurent Thierry, a man who has ties to international criminal organizations. Now, what will happen to the star boy of the show?

He is in danger, or is he going to have a new adventure along with the international criminal organization? You have to watch it to find it out.

Final Say

Now when you know all the details about the upcoming show, are you excited? If not then get excited and get ready to watch it on your screens. Until next time, please stay safe and stay tuned to our website.

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