Great News Season 3: Is NBC Decided To Cancel The Show?

NBC is not happy with the "Great News" series. In this, we have covered everything that you must need to know!!

Great News Season 3

The Great News is an American drama series which is created by Tracey Wigfield. NBC is the major network for the Great News. The program simply converges on the story of a girl, Katie. She went to New Jersey with her loving mother to find a job.

The show has the representation of high-profile appearances Briga Heelan as Katherine “Katie”, Andrea Martin as Carol Wendelson, Adam Campbell as Greg Walsh, Nicole Richie as Portia Scott-Griffith, Horatio Sanz as Justin and John Michael Higgins as Chuck Pierce with some other supporting artists too.

The show is a magnificent success for the originators but only for the first installment. Now the creators decided to discontinue the show which is surely bad news for the supporters but why inventors did this let’s examine this!

How Great News Season 3 Cancelled?

The show airs for the first time on April 25, 2017. Fans admire the show which is the reason the first season stood up with an approval rating of 76% based on 33 reviews and an average rating of 6.15/10 by Rotten Tomatoes.

Seeing the favorable responses from the critics the show is added with one more season which is unfortunate and becomes a boone for the show. It is announced on May 11, 2017, that the second installment will be released soon in September.

The second installment is not that much great as presumed by the fans. This causes a prominent deterioration in the audience of the show.

Great News Season 3

Are There Any Chances of Renewal of The “Great  News” Series?

There are no good chances for the renewal of the show because of low ratings and only 2.97 million viewers which is extremely low compared to the chief season’s average viewership.

 Aforementioned the decline of the audience forces the creators to mark this show with a red circle. Although nobody wants to run a less rated show, so I don’t think the show is going to flash again.

But taking the positive side, maybe in future other broadcasting channel owns the show then we obviously there be a trio-version.

Moreover, predicting the future at this time is not a good idea, let’s sit and wait for further updates. For instant, you can watch the old twenty-three episodes as a substitute option. We have mentioned the names of some streaming channels where we can watch the show.

Where We Can Watch The Previous Seasons of “Great News”?

If you are thinking to stream the show on Netflix, then go ahead! Great News is currently available to stream theirs with its complete two seasons.

Putting Netflix on one side of the edge, there are more platforms that allow the user to access the series free of cost. You can search it on its original Network- The NBC rather than this Amazon Prime Videos also has the Great series.

Ultimate Lines

This is all that we know about the Great News Season 3 when there be more updates we will surely drop them. Don’t forget to mark us on your bookmark sheet.

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