Governor Eric Holcomb Makes Mask Mandatory

Governor Eric Holcomb

So, there is good news for each and every American. And the news is that from now wearing masks are mandatory for each and every person above the age of 8 years. People have to wear a mask in all the public places whether it is an indoor public place or outdoor.

Let’s move further to the news what basically gov. Eric Holcomb said and what is the reason behind it.

Be Patient,

I will also tell you what is the difference between indoor & outdoor places.

After President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that wearing a mask patriotic. The reason behind it is to prevent us from the transmission of the virus.

Holcomb said he hopes that having alignment at the local, state, and national level will convince people to follow the mandate.

“Will there be hard-headed people? Yes. I get it. This is nothing that I wanted to do … this is what the reality is, and so I ask people to recognize that the sooner we get through this, the better.”

Let me explain to you or give some examples of public indoor places and outdoor public places.

Places like offices, shops, marts, malls, and many other places like these are public indoor places and outdoor public places are like beaches, parks, or any place outside your homes where you come directly under the sky.

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So back to what Holcomb says.

Wearing a face-covering mask (mainly cover nose and mouth) for anyone 8 years or above in public indoor places, outdoor public places, and public transportation when you can’t maintain social distance is compulsory. He has also planned to sign an executive order today regarding this.

One more good news is that this mandate is immediately welcomed by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.

“Too many Indiana companies, employees and their families are in their fifth month of financial turmoil. That will not change and our economy will not be on the full road to recovery until some certainty is brought to this uncontrolled pandemic,” said Chamber President and CEO Kevin Brinegar.

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Wearing of masks is mandatory because of various reasons & let me share a few of them with you: –

  1. It will enhance your health.
  2. For children as the school are reopening and children are the future of the country. So, we need to take special care of them.
  3. It will also help us in fighting with the spread of this deadly virus.
  4. It will help us in protecting others too which includes our family members.
  5. It will be good for both physically and economically.

If the people of Indiana want to be safe and continuing the state to reopen then this mandate needs to be followed strictly.

You can also cover your face (mainly nose and mouth) by a mask, a scarf, T-shirt tied or any other cloth but it should cover your nose and mouth. For now, there will be no “mask police” but can’t say about the future.

There will be some exceptions also to the mask mandate for a few reasons like: –

  1. Medical Reasons
  2. Eating
  3. Drinking
  4. Strenuous physical activity (gym, outdoor Sport, labor work where you need to work long by lifting heavy loads.)

“Some schools have decided to begin the academic year 100% virtual, and I respect that decision. And I hope it’s only temporary,” Holcomb said.

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This mandate came into action because of the increase of cases in the counties as there were not even any cases here but now the numbers are in double digits and that’s a worry for you. And this happened because people were not wearing masks in local gatherings and meets.

This carelessness also leads Indiana cases to increase nearly 8% higher than the state’s worst week in April.

Final Words

Finally, the American Govt. made mask mandatory. So, there are few questions that arise, Did the govt. made a very late decision on this? Will people of Indiana obey this mandate and if not, then what another steps govt. should do or will do? Share your views.

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