Google Shoploop: A Video-Shopping App

Google Shoploop, a look

We can compare Google to a giant octopus with multiple arms dominating various segments of the market. We know that Google swiftly added a Shopping feature in Search. Now, it’s trying to leverage the moat it has built over the years in the digital space with the introduction of a new video-shopping app – Google Shoploop. 

Google has massive digital dominance through the collection of consumer’s data via a search engine, advertising, Gmail, and Android OS. It has decided to explore the shopping market further with the video-shopping Google Shoploop. 

Google Shoploop: What’s it? 

Google Shoploop

The question, what exactly is it? Well, to put it simply, it’s a shopping app with telemarketing done by your favourite, popular influencers. Yeah, you read that right. Initially, it appears to be a telemarketing app with influencers.

This app is another move by Google to tighten its grip on the consumer market. Google Shoploop will be much similar to a fusion of Instagram and YouTube, where you can watch videos on products/services by influencers. You can follow whoever influencer you like or trust the most. 

There will be product reviews, affiliate links and options to save the products in the wishlist of sorts. You can even follow the influencers for watching their content simply. 

What Prompted Google Shoploop? 

Google came up with Shoploop after researching consumer behaviour. It shows that people have tendencies that are very specific when it comes to shopping anything online.

First, they come across a product on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Then they head towards YouTube or Insta to check out the product reviews created by their favourite influencers or reviewers. 

Once they are satisfied with the review, they use shopping apps to buy that product. This app means they have to bounce between at least two or three separate platforms before purchasing anything online. 

That’s where Shoploop can enter the scene, and exploit the opportunity by saving the time of users. Apart from the time-saving aspect, this app can create a whole new experience for us. 

Telemarketing channels have been around for a long time, haven’t they? Just like them, this can be a good bet for Google. 

Google Shoploop and Video Content

All this idea seems to be quite fantastic, but some things need to be understood. Product reviews, whether textual or video, have been a blessing for e-commerce. Even the affiliate industry is quite mainstream now. 

From the last few years, content by these influencers itself has become a product. Don’t you watch unboxing videos just out of sheer pleasure and curiosity? Even though you are never going to bother purchasing that expensive iPad Pro 2020. 

Google Shoploop is going to squeeze this dynamic and promote buying actual products instead of mere consumption of videos by influencers. 

Become an Influencer for Shoploop

Initially, it looks like Shoploop is aiming at low-hanging fruits like skincare, makeup and beauty products. However, if the response gets right, it might expand into other segments quickly.

The platform is limited to content creators, influencers, publishers, business owners, and reviewers. However, there is a chance to become an influencer on this platform by applying here. If you’re lucky, you might be selected for it. 

Final Words

Only time will tell if this is a brilliant or stupid move by Google. As of now, Google is playing safe by picking up categories that target female demographics. Besides, it seems to be exclusive to US citizens. In future, we might see the app rolling out for other countries. 

What’s your opinion on it? If you enjoyed this article, follow us for more exciting stuff. Drop your views in comments below. Stay home, stay safe. 


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