Google: You Can Now Watch Prehistoric Creatures and NASA Artifacts in AR

Google Augmented Reality

Google is trying to enter into every segment of the tech industry if they are serious about it, how could they leave the very trending AR/VR tech? You already know Google has already purchased a smart glasses startup – North

Facebook has Oculus VR in its ensemble. Amazon is going to release Echo Frames. Even Apple will be joining the AR/VR battle soon. An ecosystem has been in development since the last few years.  

Pushing the tech one step closer to its AR plans, Google has made some significant changes – an excellent example of it would be Google Arts & Culture. If you don’t know what it is, you are missing out on a significant source of education and entertainment.

It’s an online platform by Google that allows you to watch various cultural and historical artefacts, museums, paintings, galleries, and artwork with the help of high-resolution photographs, videos and virtual tours.  

Now, if you are already familiar with the platform, there’s good news for you – various prehistoric creatures, artwork and artefacts are now available to view in augmented reality. This enhancement can be a feast for students, kids and art connoisseurs.

You can enjoy watching Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit or any prehistoric animal without leaving your home. It is a good thing for art galleries and museums since pandemic has forced them to shut the visits.

Even if the galleries were to open in the upcoming weeks, we would still see a drop in visitors’ numbers. The AR facility provided by Google can be a help for these places. 

There are ancient sculptures from pre-Inca era times, almost 500 BCE old. If you don’t have interest in them, you can watch paintings from Frida Kahlo. You can even film it or take photos of the exhibit.  

You can visit the official site of Google or install Arts & Cultures app on your phone to use these features. Google has tried to experiment a lot with AI and AR. First, they created a feature that would allow your selfies to match with those of famous portraits. Another one was a filter that would turn your photo into a painting version by some famous painters. 

You can find the augmented reality exhibits in the Arts and Culture app by searching for “AR” and then tapping the “View in Augmented Reality” button in the pages for supported exhibitions.

Although Google does not mention it as to which hardware would support these features, it’s safe to assume that ARCore based Android devices or any Apple device can support it.

For watching the virtual exhibits, open the app, tap on the “AR” option in it, and open “View in AR” option for picking any presentation you find interesting. 

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