Google’s Android TV Dongle and Remote to Arrive in Market Soon

Sabrina, Android TV dongle

There is no such market that Big Tech giant Google isn’t trying to penetrate. Recently, FCC filings have revealed about possible upcoming Google devices. Google is trying to dominate the hardware industry with products like Glasses and Pixel smartphones. As per 9to5Google, the two hardware mentioned in FCC filings is likely to be associated with Google’s Android TV.

Google has already introduced products like Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra into the streaming market. This time, the company’s working on the next product, a TV dongle with a more traditional approach. Android TV will be getting a remote bundled with it, unlike its predecessor that was controlled with smartphones. 

The news got out in June that a TV dongle is in development by Google, it’s been codenamed as ‘Sabrina’. The combination would use Android TV and a remote to give a more elegant, traditional experience.

The FCC filings have hinted at “Interactive Media Streaming Device” and a “Wireless Device”, the speculations are it is Sabrina with its remote. 

Right now, Android fans don’t have that many alternatives in the market. There are a few high-end products like Xiaomi Mi Box S and Nvidia Shield series.

Mi Box S costs around $60 whereas Nvidia Shield is around $150. If you are in India or Europe, you have one more option that is Mi TV Stick. These are the only products that give you access to Android TV. 

However, we are not a hundred percent sure what these two products are. As per sources, the product is scheduled for launch around summer, meaning there’s still plenty of time for it to come out. What do you think about it? Do you think it’s going to be Sabrina, the TV dongle? Or perhaps something else?

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