Good Witch Season 7: Is it Renewed or Cancelled?

Good Witch Season 7

We all love good fantasy shows. What if the fantasy genre has a combination of comedy and drama? Well, not all people are into medieval fantasies. Modern fantasy comedies are good too. Good Witch Season 7 is something that all fans are expecting from the producers of the show. 

But do you know if Good Witch Season 7 is coming out or not? And, the news is that yes, that Good Witch Season 7 has been renewed. If you don’t know what we are talking about, we recommend watching the show without wasting time. 

A little intro: Good Witch is a Canadian comedy-drama show with a fantasy touch. The show is based on a movie franchise of the same title. A duo: Craig Pryce and Sue Tenney, have developed it. It stars Catherine Bell in the lead. 

Whizbang Films produces the show. The show airs on Hallmark Channel. The show was rivalling AMC’s Better Call Saul in 2017. Critics did not favour it, but it has garnered quite a popularity among the audience. That’s the reason it spanned across six seasons and now confirmed for the seventh season.

Good Witch Season 7: The New Season

The first season of the Good Witch was aired on Hallmark in February 2015, and it had eight episodes. 

The second season was launched in 2016 with ten episodes this time. The series was renewed by consecutively releasing new seasons each year. 

The show completed its fifth season in 2019. In May 2020, the makers dropped the season sixth with ten episodes. The finale of the sixth season was released on 5 July 2020. The fans got confused about the possibility of a new season.

However, the news was revealed by Catherine Bell about an upcoming new season. 

The Cast of the New Season

The cast of the show consists of Catherine Bell, Bailee Madison, James Denton and Rhys Matthew Bond in the lead. There are other cast members like Sarah Power, Catherine Disher, Kylee Evans, and Marc Bendavid. 

We think that the cast members of the new season will be the same; we might expect a few new faces in it. That’s not confirmed though. 

Good Witch Season 7: Possible Plot

Good Witch Season 7, a look

As you know, Good Witch revolves around the story of a mother and daughter living in the fictional town of Middleton. The duo of the mother and daughter have magical intuition. The mother, Cassie Nightingale(Catherine Bell) is an owner of a shop in Middleton. She has recently lost her husband. 

Her life starts changing when a new family enters Middleton. Dr Sam Radford(James Denton) and his kid are new residents of the town and neighbours of Cassie. The two begin a friendship, which soon transforms into a relationship.

The show circulates the story of these two, forming a relationship and all the funny and dramatic things happening meanwhile. 

Coming back to the plot of season 7, it will start from where the story ended in the sixth season’s finale. We hope there are going to be exciting things like a wedding(s), romance, and some more emotional drama. 

Overall, we don’t know the details about the possible plot yet. One thing is sure it will be exciting to wait for the show to release. 

Good Witch: The Release Date and Trailer

If you are waiting for Good Witch Season 7 release date, then we are sorry to inform you that it’s not been announced yet. Most likely, season 7 will be back during the summer of 2021. Since the sixth season’s finale was aired this month, it’s highly unlikely that the filming of the new season has even begun. 

If we get out of this pandemic quickly, we might get to watch it in early-2021. However, nothing is fixed. We will keep you updated. As far as the trailer is concerned, no there’s no trailer launched by the producers. 

Final Words

We know you are waiting for the Good Witch Season 7, and there questions like will this be the last final season? and when is it going to come out? But we think that it will take some time to answer the questions.

Until then, keep following us for more updates like this. You can share your new comments with us. Stay safe, stay home.


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