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Good Witch Season 6 is one of the best series. Here is everything for the lovers of Good Witch who are eager to know about the 6th Season...........

good witch season 3

Good Witch is nothing else but an American and Canadian fantasy comedy drama television series which is completely based on the television film series.

Are you searching the series of the same kind? If yes, then you are at the right place. No need to go anywhere else as here is one such series of your interest.

Good Witch follows the people living in Middleton. It is the fictional town. The series also reveals Cassie and her daughter named Grace. They both welcome Dr. Sam Radford and his son to their town.

good witch season 3

After the premiere of the 5th Season of Good Witch, the 6th Season of the same series becomes demand of all the fans (including me). Don’t you feel excited for the renewal of the 6th Season? Give your preference in the comment box………

Here in this article, everything is given like the plotline, the casting characters, the upcoming date and the trailer…………….

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Good Witch Season 6

Good Witch Season 6 is a demanding fantasy comedy drama television series which is produced by Whizbang Films with ITV Studios and the Hallmark Channel. The main role is played by Catherine Bell as Cassie Nightingale who is the best witch in the film series.

In the 6th Season of Good Witch, Cassie and Grace both shared a gift of insight and magical tuition. Initially, it was premiered on 28th February, 2015. For actress Bailee Madison who played the role as Grace Russell, the last episode of the 5th Season was the finale one.

What Happen in the 6th Season of Good Witch?| The Plotline

There are total 10 episodes of this series which are as follows:

Episodes Title Written By Director Airing Date
0 Good Witch: Curse From a Rose Vincent Pagano

Davin Goldberg

Craig Pryce October 19, 2019
1 The Anniversary Darin Goldberg Stefan Scaini May 3, 2020
2 The Chili Vincent Pagano Stefan Scaini May 10, 2020
3 The Clock Erinne Dobson Don McCutchon May 17, 2020
4 The Dinner Cole Bastedo Don McCutcheon May 25, 2020
5 The Mandala Darin Goldberg Annie Bradley May 31, 2020
6 The Dream Vincent Pagano Annie Bradley June 7, 2020
7 The Tableau Erinne Dobson & Elysse Applebaum Alison Reid June 14, 2020
8 The Chocolates Darin Goldberg Alison Reid June 21, 2020
9 The Loft Vincent Pagano Jonathan Wright June 28, 2020
10 The Bird Darin Goldberg Jonathan Wright July 5, 2020

Episode 1

Both Cassie and Sam celebrate the 1st marriage anniversary. San was very confused in searching the gift for Cassie. At that time, Cassie invites a guest at Grey House to visit Middleton.

good witch season 3

Episode 2

Cassie finds a cook who brings a competition in Middleton. Sam finds no chili ingredients and begins a chain. On the other hand, Stephanie helps her friend’s daughter.

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Episode 3

Cassie realizes that the new guest has some lessons to learn. Sam finds the advantages of a therapy dog. Cassie’s gift brings new meaning between the patients of Sam.

Episode 4

Cassie plans a great dinner. Nick visits for the weekend and was totally worried about sharing his struggles of academic with Sam. When the health problem comes at the dinner party, the fate of a Middleton people was not certain.

Episode 5

Cassie goes for an interview at a local University for the post of a temp art history teacher. Sam helps the nerves of Adam when he becomes worried about the surgery. Joy motivates Carter for a fancy dinner with his girlfriend.

good witch season 3

Episode 6

Cassie teaches all the students a lesson on perspective. Sam did surgery on Adam. Joy has an unexpected dream about the relationship of Abigail and Donovan.

Episode 7

Martha leads the group to again create one of the paintings of Nathaniel Merriwick. The life of Joy was totally different when her intuition takes off.

Episode 8

Cassie invites Kenny on the chocolate festival at Grey House. Sam butts a head with the administrator of a new hospital.

Episode 9

Cassie and Sam both plan was to steal for the weekend. Abigail and Joy both join Cassie at the luncheon and makes a discovery that may bring them close to each other.

Episode 10

Cassie was so sad just because her teaching assignment was down. Sam is forced to get some vacations. Donna searches a new job.

good witch season 3

Casting Characters of Good Witch Season 6

  • Catherine Bell as Cassie Nightingale Russell Radford
  • James Denton as Dr. Sam Radford
  • Sarah Power as Abigail Pershing
  • Catherine Disher as Martha Tinsdale
  • Peter MacNeill as George O’Hanrahhan
  • Kylee Evans as Stephanie Borden
  • Scott Cavalheiro as Adam Hawkins
  • Rhys Matthew Bond as Nick Radford
  • Marc Bendavid as Mayor Donovan Davenport
  • Paula Boudreau as Dotty Dwhoavenport
  • Katherine Barrell as Joy Harper

The Premiere Date of Good Witch Season 6

On 3rd July, 2019, the series was renewed for the 6th Season which aired from May to July 2020. The airing date of all episodes is already given above. So, all the fans can enjoy the series with full enthusiasm……………

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The Trailer of Good Witch Season 6

Final Words

Good Witch Season 6 is a trending fantasy comedy drama TV series which is based on the story of the witches made the series demanding for all the fans. The mind blowing and heart touching news for all the fans is that, all of us can enjoy it will full enthusiasm…………..


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